How Grown-up are You?

Age is not a factor. Knowledge is not a factor. Rather, being a grown-up is all about the decisions you make. So, just how grown-up are you?by Ciara Lazatin
  |  Sep 22, 2006
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You've just been chosen as the leader of your English group project. You divide the work and accordingly delegate the tasks. When you get your paper back, you are shocked to see a D staring up at you. Then you discover that one of your groupmates hardly researched for her part. You
get really upset with your groupmate.
get really upset at yourself.
The results of your chemistry exams are out. Instead of the A you were expecting, you find yourself staring at a C. You ask your teacher to go over your paper again, in case she made a mistake in checking it...but the results are the same. You
refuse to give up, and study even harder for the next exam.
concede you just don't have a scientific mind, and focus on your artistic skill instead.
Paolo, the tennis player everyone's been drooling over, has just asked you to the prom. You're inclined not to go since you're sure he is as conceited as he is gorgeous. Unfortunately, you are under major pressure from your friend to go with him. You
decline his invitation, and go with your friends.
give in to the pressure and resign yourself to a night of hearing about his athletic prowess, intelligent mind, and attractive looks.
Your parents have decided to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary with the whole family in Antonio's Tagaytay. You really don't expect to bump into anyone there, but lo and behold! You see Andy, the boyfriend of your good friend, holding hands with another girl. You
protect your friendship by not saying a word about what you saw.
weigh your options but still decide to tell your friend you saw him?even if you know she might believe him more.
Sometimes, you totally love the way you look, but there are also times when you hate your body. Your constant wish is for your size 30 waistline to magically shrink to 25. Mom has suggested a variety of diets, which have all failed due to your inability to resist temptation. You decide to
love yourself?love handles and all.
try to live a healthier lifestyle by cutting down on in-between meals, and making sure you have a complete, balanced meal but half the amount you used to ingest.
Daydreaming has always been a pastime you indulged in until you realize your grades are sliding. In spite of all your last ditch efforts to pass, you have been doomed to repeat third year. You
convince your parents that the traditional method of teaching is not helping you any, thereby making it easier for you to ask them to transfer you to a different school.
dread the coming school year knowing all your friends are going to be seniors.
The results of the various college entrance exams are out, and you're getting a major case of out-of-control butterflies in your tummy. When you receive your third letter of rejection, you
shrug it off and pretend like nothing happened as you paint the town red with your friends.
wallow in misery for a couple of days before starting to look for other options.
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