How Do His Friends Rate You?

You know your boyfriend thinks you're great, but do his friends think you're first-rate?by Em Somera
  |  Oct 25, 2008
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You're an hour early for the 6PM movie, so the boys decide to kill time at Timezone.
This is it! You'll so show them you can't be beat at Time Crisis.
Okay, so an hour's wait isn't that long.
Perfect! It's just enough time to try on that little white dress at Bayo, maybe find shoes to go with it.
On your 18th birthday...
your BF and his friends will make sure you're in for a surprise, complete with costume and confetti.
you get happy birthday texts from your BF's friends (maybe he told them to greet you, you're not sure).
you're excited to see what your BF got you. His friends have been fishing for your wishlist all of last week.
You've been staying everyday after school to polish your routine. It's your cheer-dance competition and everybody's invited. It's almost show time, and when you scan the audience, you see:
your parents, your best friends, and your BF and his friends
your parents, your best friends, and your BF—his friends couldn't make it at the last minute.
your parents, your best friends, and your BF.
The weather is perfect for a beach trip with friends.
You find out they already went when one of your BF's friends posts photos in Multiply.
Your BF's friends asks you for suggestions on where to go.
Your BF asks you if you want to go with them.
Halfway into your BF's soccer game, his team hasn't scored a goal.
You're armed with post game refreshments for everyone. Win or lose, it's his team you choose.
You'd do cartwheels if you could. You're frantically thinking of ways to keep the team in high spirits.
You're totally focused on watching the game and cheering for your guy.
When everyone and his girlfriend decides to get together Friday night...
you aren't invited. It seems they haven't forgotten your show-stealing stint the last time.
you sidle up to your guy the entire evening. Sometimes there really isn't much to say.
you're psyched! You haven't seen everyone in a while.
Your BF's friends are so into Rock Band.
What's Rock Band?
And you happen to be their number one groupie.
But of course, you're their lovely lead singer!
When your monthsary falls on Wednesday night basketball...
he's pleasantly surprised when you show up at his game. It's the best one he's played yet.
you call a catch-up-over-coffee date with your best buds instead. You know he'll make it up to you.
you ask your BF if he can bail on his friends. It's a once-a-month thing you can't not celebrate.

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