How Astrology Helped Me Discover and Improve My Relationship With Myself

"It helps me nourish my relationship with myself."
by Ashlee Baritugo   |  Jan 20, 2022
Image: Courtesy of Ashlee Baritugo
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My first real encounter with astrology happened some time in junior high school when my best friends and I downloaded the Co-Star app for the first time and got our minds blown away by the concept of the 12 Houses and how we all have more than just our sun sign to look at and study. 

I’ll admit my first grasp of Astrology was a lot like others–the occasional tendency to hold some kind of prejudice against a specific zodiac sign held by someone that once did me wrong (yes, how very high school of me), or the destructive belief in sign-sign compatibility as any real indication of a potential relationship and its outcome. Fortunately, I soon enough outgrew this initial impression of the capabilities of astrology and with enough research and involving myself with communities, realized that the true function of looking to the cosmos was really there for me to be able to use as a tool for introspection and self-discovery. 


How I delved deeper into what astrology really is:

From initially relying on an AI horoscope app, I delved deeper into existing astrology-enthusiast communities by following reliable astrologers on Twitter and discovered the power of my birth chart and the signs and planets that sit in each of the 12 Houses, all functioning differently in diverse aspects of my life.

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For anyone that truly wants to get into astrology and evolve past using it to justify prejudiced impressions on people, further research and reading really must go into its history, its evolution, and why it still matters today (what helped me the most was following astrologers that used the literal transition of the stars as a basis, expanding to different apps developed by actual astrologers on the App Store, and diversifying my sources on its philosophy). Modern takes on astrology will have you believing that the zodiac signs are a basis for all human personality, when really they can just be indicators of areas in your life you may need more work on or areas in life you may need to keep an eye open for, especially during things like transits.


When you begin to truly attempt to study astrology, you will find that, as it begins to grow even more mainstream through things like random For You Page TikTok videos and more and more horoscope apps take the stage centuries after our ancestors looked to the stars for guidance for the first time, there will be people attempting to take advantage of people’s emotions and initial knowledge of astrology for personal gain. Just like anything else, consuming astrology-related information and content on the internet must always be taken with a grain of salt, and not as something to live by 24/7. The stars will always look different for everyone, and that’s okay.


The transformation from horoscopes and Sun signs to guidance and introspection

When you (and everyone else) were born, the stars and planets were in a specific place in time. These placements, you can consider, play a largely impactful role in how you may grow into the person you were meant to be–in a Universe so vast and wide, what’s the harm in believing that the movement of the stars and the planets may possibly impact your life?

But alas, the debate is still on on whether or not astrology is truly "scientific" and arguments that it’s just a pseudo-science are still very much alive; but when you resign to the knowledge that whether or not it has been proven with evidence, you'll come to realize that its place in this world comes from a long, long history of people just attempting to find their place in the Universe through the guidance of the stars and the planets. Frankly, astrology was here way before the Internet or any modern product, and that was already enough to pique my interest and motivate my curiosity into its functions.


So every now and then, when I feel like I need a deeper understanding of my life, I know that I can look to things like my annual profection year themes, to individuals in the community that help translate transits like the current Venus Retrograde or Full Moon in Cancer, to apps that can comprehensively explain the possible meaning behind why my 3H in Capricorn plays a huge role in my life, or even to journal prompts that can help me work on myself. Whether or not astrology can be truly proven scientifically real or other people believe in it, for me, it’s still a tool that exists to help me understand myself better and help me nourish my relationship with myself, and that alone is enough. 



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