Holiday Memory Lane

Celebs share what their favorite Christmas memories are.
  |  Dec 20, 2009
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  • When I was a kid, I would shake every box under the tree, and when it would have a shaking sound, I would say "Is this Lego?" Years later, my cousins still mock me by saying that to me every year. —Mich Dulce, Fashion designer

  • My favorite Christmas memory is my sister, cousins and I lip-syncing and dancing to chipmunk/chipette songs in front of our relatives. It was a mini concert with dance routines, costumes and everything. We even had to memorize the songs so it looked like we were really singing. That was so much fun! :) —Kelly Misa, Model and Beauty Writer

  • My favorite Christmas memory was when we all gathered at our house to celebrate. It was really memorable because my gift was the very first Playstation. It was the time when I got hooked on video games and a big fan of Playstations. —AJ Perez, Actor

  • Waiting for midnight every Christmas eve with my family. And I'm lucky to have already experienced this in many countries since we like traveling during the holidays. Hearing Christmas carols in various languages never fails to fascinate me. :) —Tricia Gosingtian, Photographer and Stylist

  • I was never a Santa believer so every year, I would look for Santa's gifts all over the house a week before Christmas just so I'd be ready for whatever it might turn out to be. When I was 9, I couldn't find any of the gifts before Christmas. I then overheard my mom and my kuya saying something about an arcangel toy. ARCHANGEL? SANTA GOT ME MY FIFTH CHOICE?! Anyway come Christmas, with a heavy heart, I opened my Santa's present. From the outside it looked exactly like the archangel toy. I opened it and BAM... FINAL FANTASY II! Best game ever and best trick ever. So there... That and the very dusty Payanig sa Pasig. —Yael Yuzon, Vocalist of Sponge Cola

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