Here's Why You Should Try Journaling

Here's how you can get started on this hobby!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jul 9, 2016
Image: Refinery 29 ART Clare Magno
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Remember when you were younger and you wrote your thoughts in your diary? Then as you grew older, you probably forgot to do it regularly because you got so caught up in your school requirements and your social life. Well, here's us reminding you to at least try journaling again for five days. 

In Refinery29's video, featuring Lucie Fink, she tries to spend 10 minutes of the next five days to write down her thoughts—and she ends up feeling different in the end. Hit the play button to watch her adventure:

Here's a list of things we got from her challenge, which makes us really want to try journaling ASAP.

1. Writing about your thoughts—what you're supposed to do, what's coming in your life, and what's on your mind—will help you "lift some weight off." Just being able to let out your emotions and feelings will take a load off your back, similar to how you feel after talking to your best friend for hours and hours. It's just that this time, you're talking to yourself.


2. You will learn something new about yourself. Reading back on your entries, you'll find out what's the missing link between you and your inner self. Like what Lucie said, she realized that she needs to spend more time with herself after she read her second day entry about how fast-paced her world is and how she wishes to spend more time alone.

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3. You will realize what you really want in life. You can try goal-oriented journaling and write down everything you want to achieve in life. You can reflect on the different goals you have for the different areas in your life, and that will really help you at the end of the day.

Those are just three things, and we're sure you can get so much more! Why don't you try journaling for a few days and let us know what you think of it in the comments. :)

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