Here's Why You Should Keep a Journal

With the coming of a new year, it's the best time to try and start something new!
by Pam Carlota   |  Jan 4, 2017
Image: Pam Carlota
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Even our own national hero says that a pen is mightier than a sword. There are so many benefits from writing. So it's time to take that into practice and start a journal RN!

  1. It reduces stress.

Keeping a journal is the perfect outlet to relieve stress. You can openly vent about your problems and be totally open without anyone judging you.

  1. It helps solve your problems more effectively.

By jotting down your life events and experiences, you can go back to your writing from time to time and read your problems with a fresh new perspective. This helps you analyze the situation better so you could handle your problems, no sweat.

  1. Improves your communication skills.

The reason people fail at their social and communication skills is because they are way into their heads and are trapped by the negative thoughts of "what if." By starting a journal, you can practice free writing and let the words flow out of you, without having to second guess yourself.

  1. Helps you get to know yourself better.

When you write in a journal, it's just you, a pen, and paper. Keeping a journal is a form of self-reflection, where you get more acquainted with your own thoughts, views, and opinions. This helps you to know your mind and yourself better.

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  1. Boosts your creativity.

Personal writing helps your creativity as well because it is a form of self-expression that lets all your creative juices flowing once you get started. Writing in a journal helps your creative mind to be free and gives you all the necessities you need in order to create more things beautifully.

  1. Imroves your memory.

Writing and jotting down the events of the day is a good practice for your memory. It strengthens your memory recall—which is a useful life skill to have.

  1. It freezes moments that you can easily go back to.

Do you have moments where you just want to freeze it and be there for the longest time? Writing down important events and moments of your life, then going back to them after a while is a priceless thing because you will never forget the exact thoughts you had, and the significant details about that certain point in time.


Are you convinced to start a journal? Don't be hesitant to try something new! Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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