Here's What Happens When You Skip Meals

You might want to think twice about skipping breakfast.
by Pam Carlota   |  Feb 7, 2017
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Just the thought of losing weight gets you in a good mood and skipping meals seems like a great shortcut to it as well. But losing weight doesn't necessarily mean you'll have a slimmer body. Read on to know more about what you're actually doing to yourself whenever you decide to skip a meal. 

  1. The lost weight can be just an illusion.

You may be losing weight, but you're not actually losing the belly fat! Studies suggest that the weight you're losing is not actually fat, but it comes from your muscles. (via

  1. It raises your risk for diabetes.

When you skip meals, you tend to eat more on your next meal. A 2007 study about metabolism tested this effect on people for two months and they found that the participants had their elevated glucose levels and delayed insulin responses placed them at a higher risk for diabetes than they had when they were eating normally. (


  1. Say goodbye to your intelligence and hello to your mood swings.

Your brain turns into mush and you won't be able to think straight, have poor performance, and you'll be more moody and irritable. (via

  1. Skipping meals only promotes belly fat.

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Skipping meals would only lead you to your abdominal weight gain because you're slowing down your metabolism, which causes you not to burn the calories of your next meal. (via

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  1. You'll have bad breath.

Because your body is not getting enough energy with its lowered glucose levels, your body enters a state of ketosis where ketones are produced in the liver and are used as an energy source. This process smells like acetone, which could lead to your bad breath. (

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