Here's the Reason Why You Flaunt Your "Good Side" When Taking Selfies

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 26, 2017
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Taking selfies (or good photos of you that will pass your standards, LOL!) is difficult. It takes a lot of things, like good lighting, a picture-perfect smile, and your "good side". Yes, Candy Girls, you read that right. A study has found that there's a reason why most of us prefer our "good side" when we're taking selfies and photos of ourselves.

Annukka Lindell, a neuropsychologist at La Trobe University in Melbourne, studied 2,000 selfies on Instagram via the hashtag #selfie. What she found was that 41% of the photos showed the left side of the people in the photos, 32% preferred their right side, and 8% didn’t show any bias when it comes to their poses. (via

The reason for our left-cheek bias when posing? It has something to do with how our brains were created.

"Because the left side of the face is predominantly controlled by the emotion-dominant right hemisphere [of the brain], the left cheek is more emotionally expressive. Consequently, people intuitively offer the left cheek when asked to pose for a photo expressing emotion, and the right cheek when posing for a photo that conceals emotion," she wrote in the study published in the Frontiers in Psychology journal.

How interesting!

Now, you know what to do, Candy Girls. The next time you take a photo of yourself or the next time you pose for a photo with your friends, flaunt your left cheek. Hee hee.

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