Here's How You Write About Your Travel Adventures

A few easy tips to bring out the best in your writing.
by Mathew S. Chan for   |  Jan 23, 2016
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Stories and tales can be found everywhere and anywhere. Some of the greatest stories you can tell are about your travels: the places you’ve been to, the things you’ve done, and the people you were with. If you are looking for nice ways to write them down, be it for your journal or your blog, here are 5 simple tips to remember.

  1. Pick an angle.

    There are countless articles and blogs about Boracay or Palawan. The key is trying to find a new angle on how to present these places to your readers. Also remember that the places aren’t the story; they are just the destinations. This tip also works for the planning stages of your trip. Now you can add unique things to do and places to visit to your itinerary, which will help you make good writing. 

  2. Let others speak.

    Writers tend to stick to their perspectives and opinions when writing about the places they have visited. A fresh take on it would be getting quotes from locals and perhaps fellow travelers as well. It gives more credibility to your writing if you can get quotes so that your readers don’t have to solely rely on your take on the story. It also helps to paint a clearer and more accurate picture of the place.

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  3. Keep your adjectives to a minimum.

    Adjectives are definitely important when it comes to describing something, especially places you have been to, but sometimes less is more. Stick to reality rather than overselling the place. If the destination is truly amazing, your pictures and the research your readers will do after reading your piece will be enough. If you can’t avoid flowery words, try to stick with more specific words and things you want to describe instead of being vague. For example, if you want to talk about Boracay, talk about the beach and the waters in detail as opposed to just Boracay as a whole. 

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