Happy Halloween!

What are you planning to wear on Halloween?
  |  Oct 28, 2008
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The Candy editors share who they're dressing up as this Halloween. How about you, what costume are you wearing?

miac.jpg I have no costume but my dog has one! A Dogzilla costume in blue and green. It makes him look like the baby dinosaurs in Flintstones :) —Mia, Editor in Chief
steph.jpg I'd love to dress up as a Tokidoki character like the cactus girl Sandy. :)—Steph, Art Director
mimi.jpg I don't plan on wearing a costume this year. Corny, I know! I'm just looking forward to going around the village and taking photos of my nephew while he goes trick or treating. —Mimi, Managing Editor
angel.jpg I already had a Halloween party last Saturday and I was Ugly Betty! I borrowed my sister's Guadalajara poncho (she had it shipped from the States!), wore my red glasses, let my hair down, and wore stockings and black loafers. To complete the outfit, I even made a B and attached it to a pearl necklace, just like Betty's! :) —Angel, Assistant Features Editor
margaux.jpg I wanted to dress up as Cleopatra but I didn't have time to look for all the elements (head piece, wig, dress, accessories, sandals...)! So I just did the lazy thing and scoured my closet for what I already have... Good thing I found a never-before-worn sequin dress that looks kind of like the one that Miley Cyrus wore in her video "7 Things". I'll just add leg warmers, chucks, and a cordless mic to the outfit. Oh and I'll be using my "man voice" the whole night. Haha. Anybody have a long-haired brunette wig that I can borrow?? :) —Margaux, Associate Fashion Editor
macy.jpg I've only dressed up for Halloween once (I went as Wednesday Addams, complete with black and white dress and braids.). I don't think I'm dressing up for it this year. But if I were, I'd probably go as Olive from Pushing Daisies—maybe even with a box of pie with cheese baked into the crust. Yum. —Macy, Web and Mobile Producer

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