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  |  Mar 3, 2005
compiled by Christine Herrin, Krissy Sevilla, and Shar Tan * illustration by Ben Deluyas
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S-S-S-Shirt Slip-up!
Rating: 4
You know how some shirts have those long, transparent stickers that indicate the shirt size? Well I was strutting my über-cute new shirt in school when I noticed that people kept on staring at me. I thought they just loved the shirt and thought it was cute too. But when I had stopped to fix my bag, I touched something foreign. Something that definitely was not cotton. I looked and saw that there was this long strip of sticker, with S-S-S-S-S-S-S printed on it. I was so embarrassed! I tried to remove it as discreetly as possible but the walkway was crowded with people. I ended up covering my shirt with my colossal calculus book and sprinting towards the restroom!
—Mark, 19

Text Twist
Rating: 1
After months of waiting, my crush finally texted me! I was so happy that I quickly texted my best friend about it. The text conversation with my crush was going smoothly, when I accidentally sent him a reply that was meant for my best friend! And the text message read, “Shucks!! I’m falling in love with him, text by text!” To cut the story short, he never replied back to the texts I sent to him, even the ones that were truly meant for him.
—Sarah, 16

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You’ve Got Mail!
Rating: 3
I composed a love letter and sent it to my crush's e-mail address through a prank email address. I thought it was fun, but I made a terrible mistake. I used my whole name in my account profile, thus he still knew who the sender was. I was so embarrassed because I wrote down: My time is consumed thinking of you. I come alive when I see you. I’ve been dreaming that one day our paths would cross. My fondest dream is of us walking along the beach at sunset. There's just something about you that has struck me deep inside. You stoke my senses. You dazzle me overwhelmingly with your presence. Tonight, as every night, I'll dream that you're here beside me. Remember how much I adore you. Until, we meet, I’ll be whispering these words: “I Love You”! He must think I’m a total psycho!
—Sassy Girl, 21


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