"Gwiyomi" Singer Hari In Manila

The South Korean singer behind the YouTube hit "Gwiyomi" is set to perform a series of shows at the malls this weekend.
by Angel Salazar   |  Sep 6, 2013
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The cutesy song "Gwiyomi"  has received an overwhelming response from netizens and K-pop fans since its release in February. The catchy song that goes with a series of cute hand movements inspired by South Korean rapper Jung Ilhoon of boy group BtoB has been a dance craze in Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan Philippines and other countries. In fact, some local celebrities like August cover girl Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Candy Cutie Enrique Gil, Kathryn Bernardo, teen actress Ella Cruz, and celebrity cosplayer Alodia Gosengfiao did their own rendition of the song.

"Gwiyomi" or "Kwiyomi" is Korean slang used in reference to a cute person. But, have you ever wondered what the song is really all about? Actually, there is an adorable message in the cute song: it is about a girl's profession of love for her boyfriend and how she wants him to promise that they will be together forever (sweetness overload!).

At the Gwiyomi Live Tour press conference held in Glorietta 5 Activity Center on September 5, Hari gave a little background of "Gwiyomi" and a sneak peek of what to expect in her upcoming shows at the Ayala malls. Fans should look forward to Hari's other singles which are very much like "Gwiyomi"—sweet, fun and easy to listen to.

Hosted by The Morning Rush's Gino Quillamor, the presscon kicked off with teen heartthrob Sam Concepcion who performed "No Limitations," a single from his latest album Infinite. Sam admits that he was actually one of those who discovered "Gwiyomi" online and quickly got infected by the craze. "The video went viral and came to a point when you just can't escape it. You just really get hooked to it," he adds. To cap the event off, Hari and Sam, being naturally bubbly, did their playful take on the cutesy song.

Hari describes herself as someone exactly like her song: cheerful. According to her, she is optimistic and maintains a happy disposition in life. When asked about her fashion style, Hari said that it was because of the "Gwiyomi" song that she gradually embraced her cute image. And her short but oh-so sweet message for her Filipino fans? "Mahal ko kayo," which she partnered with a smile and a cute wave!

Head over to these Ayala Malls on the following dates: September 6 at the new Glorietta Activity Center (6:30PM), September 7 at Trinoma Cinema Lobby (CD Signing Only, 1:00PM), Marquee Mall Activity Center (6:30PM) and on September 8 at Ayala Center Cebu (6:30PM).

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