Go On An Adventure This Month

by Rizzi Ponti   |  May 6, 2013
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Today, I will stop looking at mornings as pains but rather as new beginnings. I will get up out of bed excited to face the day because I know an adventure is coming my way.

I will say "Yes" to every good thing in my life. I will stop doubting my abilities. Why should I? I'm always armed with my kikay kit and trusty sneakers so I can face everything.

When it rains, I won't run to the nearest shed. I will look up in the sky and smile. I will dance in the rain, laugh or cry even, because isn't that something I've always dreamed of?

I won't be scared to wear what I want and to try out the new trend. I will dress up exactly the way I want to regardless of what people think or what my friends wear. I know I am a beautiful person and the way I dress is an extension of who I am and what I think. I know that only when I’m truly comfortable in what I wear will I gather enough confidence to face scary things.


I will soak up every cultural moment as possible. I will visit museums and art galleries. One day, I'll explore the ruins in Rome, visit the Great Wall of China and gaze at the pyramids in Egypt. Every culture is rich and if I can, I would learn the little things about them all even if I begin with their cuisine. The metro offers so many restaurants that will cater to every culture possible. I can try out a new cuisine every week with my friends. (Who needs fast food every week anyway?)

I will try out new things no matter how unconventional they maybe. Why wait for something to be popular before I try it out? Think of all the extra bragging rights I get when a quaint little place I know becomes popular.

I will go after my dreams whether it’s to be a writer, a princess, an astronaut or a world traveler. If Ariel can grow feet and walk on land, then I can swim the most beautiful beaches starting here in the Philippines. I won't be afraid to look ugly or crazy. I will jump in and be spontaneous. It's time to stop being jealous of the lead characters in novels and movies and to start living the life I want: exciting, fearless and memorable.

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After all, what is life but a crazy adventure waiting to happen?

This I solemnly promise,


Candy Girl ♥

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