5 Gmail Hacks Every Student Should Know About

So that emails can finally find you well.
by Gianna Sibal   |  Apr 8, 2021
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When I wake up, the first thing I grab is my phone, and don’t even try to deny it—you do, too. We scroll through Twitter like it’s the morning paper, check missed messages and notifications, and open our Gmail inboxes for anything school-related—because we’re now at that age when it’s become a part of our social media routine.

It may be an adulting thing, but we’ve been using our Gmails for years now, too. And this infamous opening line of “I hope this email finds you well” is not working anymore—because it is not finding us well, it is finding us in the middle of a pre-scheduled breakdown—but of course, we’re neither saying that in our replies, nor are we using our favored lmaos, :DDD !!, and omg tysm <3333. We’re all about being formal, professional, and productive in our inboxes.

So, here are some hacks to help emails (finally...somewhat) find us well:


Schedule emails in advance

If you’re a nightowl like me, we tend to do work pretty late. Sometimes, I’ll remember that I have to send some emails to someone at eleven in the evening. So what I do? Schedule send, instead.

How to do it: This is a tool in our New Message window just beside the Send button with the drop-down menu. Pick a date and time, and Gmail will send your email for you.

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Label, label, label

Like to have your stuff organized? This is for you: to keep your inbox less cluttery, organize your emails through personalized labels like Midterm Papers, Internship Applications, Org Partnerships, etc.

How to do it: On the left side of your screen, you’ll see a Manage Labels button. Scroll down and Create New Label, and customize them according to color! Then, on the email itself, you’ll fine a Label tab, and you can categorize your email according to that label. When you click on the label name on the left side of your screen, all the emails under that category show up.


Extend your undo send cancellation period ;D

Made a mistake sending that email? Forgot that attachment? Sent it too early?

We all know we have that Undo Send pop-up on the bottom left of our screens once we hit Send, but if you miss that, you can never undo it again. That’s scary if you made a mistake sending something inappropriate to your teacher.

How to do it: You can customize it, in your Settings > General > Undo Send, up to until thirty seconds!

(After that, though...you’re on your own.)

Need a reminder to respond to emails later? Use Tasks.

It’s like your own personal checklist!

How to do it: If you want to get to one of your emails later, simply click the icon with a circle and a checkmark under the search bar, and it will automatically add to a task list on the right side of your screen. Mark it complete later on. ;)


You may also find your Tasks on the right menu bar under your Gmail picture—it will have the blue circle with a pen icon. 

Gmail... offline

Internet unstable or gone? Not to worry, you can check your Gmail offline!

How to do it: This is a Chrome Extension that you can find in your Settings > Offline, and you can choose to keep offline data on or remove from your computer. You can choose to store emails from the last seven, thirty, or ninety days, and even check or uncheck if the extension should download your attachments as well.

Save up on storage space!

Every Gmail account has a base limit of 15GB of storage space shared with Google Drive and Google+ Photos. While we don’t have the time to declutter or delete thousands of emails, you can find out which ones are taking up all the space with this hack.


How to do it: Type “size:[x number]m” in the search bar (include the quotes!), and you’ll see the results of your emails that are larger than the number of megabytes you typed in. Wanna check how much storage space you’re taking up? Check it out here!

Hope that’s been helpful. And we hope your emails finally find you well.


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