Getting Over It

How were you able to cope with the biggest problem you have encountered so far?
  |  Aug 14, 2007
photos by Ocs Alvarez (Angel), Dakila Angeles (Mia and Roch), and Pat Dy (editors)
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The Candy eds share how they cope with their problems.

mimi.jpg Just learning to look at things objectively and realizing that it's not completely my fault things turned out the way they did. It took some time for my spirit to heal, but the experience definitely made me a stronger person. —Mimi, Managing Editor
angel.jpg By praying hard, writing on my journal, and seeking the company of good friends. :)
Angel, Assistant Features Editor
marla.jpg By believing that there is always a solution. And if you can't find a solution yourself, there is always someone who can help you. And if nobody is willing to help you, there is always enough time for a good, cathartic cry. And when you finally run out of tears, there is always a pint of brownie fudge ice cream in the supermarket with your name on it. Hahaha! Marla, Editorial Assistant
macy.jpg First, by telling myself that it isn't the end of the world. Then, by seeking God for help to get through it. And finally, by realizing that there are so many people waiting on the sidelines, ready to offer their shoulders for me to cry on for as long as I like. —Macy, Web and Mobile Producer

First and foremost, I ask the one up there for guidance. I'm not the type of person who locks myself in a room and cry all night long. I always seek help from my family or my friends in times like these. And at the end of the day, its still God who I call for He will only be the one who will help us with whatever we encounter. —Roch, Web and Mobile Producer

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