Get Excited For Summer with These Super Fun DIY Projects

Finish up the last of your schoolwork and say hello to summer break with these fun projects!
by Melanie Santiago   |  Mar 14, 2015
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  1. Refreshing Fresh Fruit Coconut Water Popsicle
    This delicious and healthy treat is perfect for summer vacation, they’re easy to do and only require your favorite sliced fruits and some yummy coconut water.

  2. Pressed Flower Phone Case
    Get in touch with nature this summer and adorn your gadget with pressed flowers (hello, new hobby!), this pin shows you how to seal it in using resin.

  3. Summer Tie-Dye Racerback Remake
    Get an old oversized shirt and give it a tie-dye makeover, cutout the collar and sleeves with a bigger incision at the back. Use the remaining cloth to braid the middle section creating a personalized racerback cover-up for the beach.

  4. 25 DIY Summer Shorts
    Create a unique pair of shorts by revamping an old pair; click this pin for 25 ways on how to prettify them.

  5. Watermelon Mat
    Planning a staycation? Create the whole summer vibe by adding touches of fruit to your décor, this watermelon mat is easy to do with and is cute for your bathroom or porch.

  6. Beach Towel Bag
    DIY the perfect companion to the beach, this beach towel bag takes a little sewing that’s worth the effort. It acts as a nice mat to keep you dry after a swim and sewn pockets will keep all summer necessities within reach.

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  7. DIY Hair Wrap
    Think about accessorizing your hair this summer; wrap a strand in colorful threads and bright beads to make a boho chic statement.

  8. DIY Beaded Anklet
    Get out your leftover beads and charms, this pin will show you how to create a dainty yet elegant anklet you and your friends can make together (friendship anklets anyone?)

  9. Summer Journal
    Trying something out for the first time? Create a personalized notebook/scrapbook to log it in and fill with photos, mementos and thoughts of your summer vacation.

  10. Soft Silky Leg Scrub
    Show off smooth, bump-free legs as you hit the beach with a simple mixture of some kitchen staples like sugar and lemon juice.

  11. Citrus Facial Spritz
    Give yourself refreshing wakeup call throughout the day with this vitamin c facial spritz you can easily store in your purse.

  12. Natural Lightening Hair Spray
    Want a lighter hair color but too afraid of getting treatment? Go for a natural approach, combine lemon, honey and some good ol’ sunshine!

  13. DIY Hair Turban Headband
    Create your own set of trendy turban headbands to complete your summer outfit! Use this pin to learn how.

  14. DIY Body Scrub
    Get glowing summer skin with the use of homemade scrubs, this pin shows you different versions to help firm, smoothen and soften.

  15. DIY Negative Space Daisy Nail Art
    Take on this new nail trend for summer, make use of negative space or when you leave parts of your nail free from polish emphasizing pretty accents like a daisy design similar to this pin.

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