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Who says you need to go to the gym to get a swimsuit-ready body? Try these fun, get-fit activities with your best-est buds!
by Marie Calica   |  Apr 17, 2011
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1. Water Joust
In the shallow area of a pool, parnter up with a friend and sit on her shoulders. Get one or two other pairs to join you and tey to push each other off your partners' shoulders. This develops abdominal muscles as well as biceps and triceps. Avoid staying close to the side of the pool to prevent injury.
Candy Fitness Tip: Drink a glass of water in between rounds to stay hydrated.

2. Water Balloon Fight
Fill party balloons with water, then divide your group into two. Throw balloons at your competition while dodging incoming ones. The aiming and throwing actions exercise your hand-eye coordination, while dodging the balloons checks your reflexes.
Candy Fitness Tip: Fill up the balloons with more water. Carrying a heavier weight increases resistance, which develops your deltoids and core.

3. Jumping Rope
If you'd rather go solo, jump or skip for 30 seconds straight using the jump rope. The jog in place for one minute, and go back to jumping or skipping for another 30 seconds until you feel more comfortable about increasing your jumping or skipping time.
Candy Fitness Tip: Keep your jumps close to the ground. If you jump too high, you'll create high impact, which could hurt your knees or ankles.

4. Patintero
When pitted against your kid brothers and sisters, this game may feel like child's play. But when you're playing with your friends, you can get a great workout! Men Health Strength and Conditioning  Advisor Carlomagno Canta, CSCS, says that the burst of running that happen during patintero develop power and coordination. Plus, trying to dodge your opponent as she tries to tag you helps test your reflexes.
Candy Fitness Tip: Widen the gap between taggers, so that runners have more space to run in--that way, participants get a more challenging workout.

5. Walk the dog.
Your best friend will thank you for taking him out, but you'll thank him for giving you a calorie-burning, non-impact workout. Walking is an easy exercise, and when you're side by side with a pooch, it doesn't feel like you're slaving away!
Candy Fitness Tip: Bring up your heart rate (and your dog's too!) by playing a game of fetch. But don't just throw the ball! Take it with you as you sprint away from Spot, and then throw it as far as you can.

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