7 *Hilarious* Pinoy Podcasts to Listen to During Your Study Breaks

by Mariel Roja   |  Mar 22, 2023
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Study breaks are truly a ~need~ after hours of studying for your upcoming exam or pending assignment. You owe it to yourself to de-stress and rest a little to keep your productivity going! With that in mind, our lockdown days introduced us to a new wave of Filipino podcasts that saved us from feeling stale. These podcasts covered interesting topics on pop culture, current trends, relationships, and careers—perfect for your next study break! You'll laugh a lot which will help you unwind, and you might even pick up some new insights from other people's POVs. Listen to these 7 hilarious podcasts from diverse Filipino content creators!

  1.   Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast

We were granted free access to the amusing conversations of two of the most acclaimed filmmakers in modern Philippine cinema, Antoinette Jadaone and JP Habac! The idea behind this podcast is similar to hearing an intriguing exchange between random strangers that we come across every day. Their most popular segment is Sta. Roselle Nava, Tulungan Mo Kami, where listeners can submit their concerns, and the hosts will give advice, occasionally with guest artists.

Give this podcast episode a try: Selos? I Don’t Know Her! Feat. Nadine Lustre

  1.   Charot Readings

Do you want to know if the cosmos is on your side today? This podcast is designed specifically for our astrology fans! Prepare to hear funny yet useful advice from the universe, courtesy of Macoy Dubs AKA Madam Tarot's not-so-charot readings. You'll never know if this is the daily guidance and motivation you're looking for!


Check out this podcast episode: All Zodiac Signs, February 28

  1.   Kudazzers

Talking about taboo topics with a good blend of seriousness and humor is the strength of this podcast! The show is hosted by six resident kudazzers, Eudes Garcia, Martin Glenn, Sarina Sasaki, Natalie Estrada, Athena Cobey, and Ina Azarcon. Their funny chemistry carried the relevancy of the issues they converse about which were largely about dating life and the struggle of growing up. Kuda refers to speaking up in the gay lingo which inspired the title of the show.

Try this episode: S8 KUDA 2: Bojack-an

  1.   Gabi ng Bading

With their sharp humor and contagious laugh, this iconic duo is impossible to forget! The party atmosphere that AC Soriano and Yani Villarosa create with their podcast by using their exuberant voices is incredibly entertaining. The two can make the crowd laugh uncontrollably without the need for any script because of their spontaneous thoughts and banter.

Give this podcast episode a listen: Facebook Memories

  1.   Silly Gang sa Gabi

Late-night conversations with friendly millennials is a wonderful podcast to listen to if you want life advice with a dash of fun! Jed, Isha, and Mike are known for their hot take on life, love, and everything in between through their personal experiences that they gladly share with the audience. Their episode titles always start with a question wondering if you can relate to a specific situation.

Check this podcast episode now: 70: Ganito rin ba ang embarrassing moments n’yo?

  1.   The Linya Linya Show
watch now

You’ve probably seen his works all over social media with his words that always hits home. What if you were to listen to those reassuring and inspiring quotes on a podcast? Hosted by writer Ali Sangalang, this comedy podcast is based on the mundane lives of Filipinos. It essentially covers everything under the sun and features an artist in nearly every episode, making it more engaging depending on the guest's area of expertise. Its purpose is to make you feel like you’re part of a typical Filipino barkada.

Listen to this podcast episode: 179: RICKY LEE – Pagmamahal, pagsusulat, at pagmamahal sa pagsusulat

  1.   Bar Beshies

Despite having a pile of cases, these new lawyers are eager to impart their knowledge which makes us laugh while learning. This podcast seeks to debunk common misconceptions and cliches regarding the legal profession! But Atty. Leigh, Jpee, and Choi aren't here to offer legal counsel. They are a trio that enjoys having intellectual and funny conversations as they make their way through being young lawyers.

Check out this podcast episode: Law school w/o Law

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