3 Fun Things You Can Do by Yourself on Valentine’s Day

by Jessica Tambunting   |  Feb 12, 2022
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It’s that time of the year when single people remember how single they are because all of the couples around them are out and about making plans on how they will spend their Valentine’s Day together. If you are part of the singles club, we got you! Instead of staying away from all the festivities that come with Valentine's Day, why not join in and celebrate, too?

Here are a few things you can totally do by yourself on Valentine's Day:

Try something new

Always wanted to try a new recipe, rock climb, play the ukulele, crochet, and whatnots? Well, now’s the perfect time to start. Go to your nearest indoor rock climbing studio (and follow safety and health protocols, of course!), to the grocery store for your cooking session, the music music store for your ukulele, or even online to buy your crochet materials. Be as creative as you can. 

Read your favorite novel and/or watch your favorite movie

Don’t feel down that you don’t have a special someone to spend your Valentine's with. If you’re a bookworm, grab your favorite romance novel, and if you’re a cinephile, head on to Netflix (or any of your favorite streaming sites). Get your dose of romance through the characters you read or watch.  Check out these novels and movies to get you started. 

Treat yourself

You don’t need a partner to “spoil” you. You can do it yourself as the strong independent individual that you are. You can get your nails done, have a facial, get eyelash extensions, or go shopping. You can also head to the gym and exercise if you want to keep your fitness goals in check. Consider this your pamper day. 


Bonus: Hangout with your fellow single friends

Gather your fellow single friends on Zoom or Discord, have an e-numan session, and play fun online games together. You don’t have to spend your Valentine’s Day alone if you don’t want to. You can do all of the things I mentioned above ~together~. Catch up with them and just have a blast!

We hope this will help you in planning your Valentine’s Day activities. Remember that there’s nothing wrong with spending the day on your own. You can still enjoy it even without a date or special someone. Advance Happy Valentine’s! 


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