Try These Fun Family Games to Play While Waiting for Media Noche

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by Ashlee Baritugo   |  Dec 27, 2021
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Media Noche, or the New Year’s Eve Feast, is an age-old tradition held across the country where Filipino families wait for the clock to strike midnight to begin feasting on food like round fruits believed to bring in prosperity or noodles to welcome another year of a long, healthy and abundant life. 

However, waiting for midnight to finally signal the end of a year and the beginning of a new one can seem quite long. As the years pass, some family members may tend to find themselves getting sleepier and sleepier as the night goes on, missing the grand feast and fireworks altogether.

While this may be inevitable, adding new twists to these familiar traditions can work wonders in stirring up excitement throughout the night. If you’re looking for new and fun ideas to get your family excited in tears from laughing throughout the night, read on for our best suggestions!


Holiday games to play with your family

Presentation Prompts

Whether your family is too big to keep count or small enough to keep track on one hand, coming up with fun prompts to present to everyone in the family is a great way to stir conversation and reflection about the year that passed. A quick search on free editing platforms like Canva pulls up countless pre-made templates you can use to your own liking! Some fun prompts for your presentations can include questions like, "What are you most thankful for in the past year?", "What are you most excited for everyone in the family to accomplish in the next year?", or even, "What fun predictions do you think will happen within the family in the next year?"

Family-themed Bingo

As any game of Bingo goes, a facilitator typically calls out random numbers for players to cross out on their personal cards. But to keep on with the theme of new and fun, creating a fun, family-themed Bingo template is where our twist can come in. Instead of the typical numbers, try and come up with things you think members in your family have or haven’t done in the past year to include in the Bingo squares. Once everyone has the card, they can cross out what they did, and when done, begin to share fun stories and personal anecdotes to the rest of the family for context! 

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2 Truths and a Lie 

Good old two truths and a lie can never go wrong! Each member of the family gives two truths and a lie and the rest of the players have to guess which one of the three is a lie. To add a bit of spice, the teller can ask whoever gets it wrong to do a fun dare! But whether or not everyone gets it right, the teller must still give context and share a story on their truths and lie.


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