Fun Exercises for Two

by Grace Fernandez   |  Feb 4, 2010
photo by Patrick Martires
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The Game: Wall Climbing
Wall climbing is usually performed on an artificially constructed wall with grips for hands and feet. It attempts to mimic the experience of real rock climbing but in a more controlled environment. There are different routes with different levels of difficulty for you to finish at your own pace.

The Goal: Wall climbing is a sport that is good for both mind and body. It will help develop a sense of trust, teamwork, and communication between you and your partner. Physically, it is known to improve strength, balance, flexibility, and muscular endurance. It usually takes five to six weeks to see and feel the benefits of this challenging yet empowering sport.

Why It's Fun: Wall climbing provides a medium for people who are looking to challenge themselves. Assessing risks and exploring comfort zones on your journey up the wall will allow you and your guy to reach new heights and experience greater adventures together.

The Game: Boxing
Boxing is a sport that involves the use of your fists. There are four basic punches to learn that can be combined to form combos. These punches are: the jab, cross, hook, and uppercut. Most trainers do not allow boxers to train without hand wraps and gloves. A headgear is used when you spar with an opponent.

The Goal: Boxing is known to provide one of the most demanding full-body workouts. It helps build upper body strength and lower total body fat. Most classes usually involve running, abdominal crunches, light hand weight exercises, the use of a speed ball, and working on a punching bag. All the activities are done with a trainer or partner.


Why It's Fun: Training with a partner provides a serious boost of motivation, increases your confidence, and gives a sense of discipline to stay committed to the tough sport.

The Game: Biking
Biking is a popular form of recreation you and your boy can do. Before starting on your journey, test ride the bike to find out if it is safe and comfortable. This is important as to avoid any future injuries.

The Goal: Cycling is helpful for those who want to improve their legs. Using a bike not only builds leg strength, but also strengthens your cardiovascular system. Bike training will also improve your fitness levels.

Why It's Fun: Decide which sections of your route you will cycle harder and for how long. Climb on and start pedaling for an exercise you'll definitely enjoy!

The Game: Frisbee
Playing this sport is easy since all you need is a Frisbee and a field. It is a sport you can do with a partner or a team.

The Goal: The object of the game (if played with two opposing teams) is to score points by passing the disc to the opposing end zone.

Why It's Fun: Cost is low, and the regular stretching involved helps improve body awareness. Anyone can join no matter what their fitness level is. You and your guy will get in shape, and stay in shape, without realizing it!

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