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We gathered 12 different layouts!
by Mara Agner   |  Jan 12, 2017
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We may have found the reason you don't have the perfect planner yet: because you keep looking in all the wrong places. If you've searched far and wide only to get disappointed (a thousand times over), you might want to consider hitting up Pinterest, because it has a ton of free printables that might just be the perfect match for your discerning taste. LOL, we kid. But we do take planner talk pretty seriously! Here are 12 of our favorites:

This printable has a weekly planner, three slots for the week's top goals, a few lines for your top to-do list, and a space for some random ideas. Plus, you can opt to print it in colored ink or black and white, and in letter of half sizes. Sweet!

If you prefer your weekly layouts more on the colorful side, this printable is perfect for you. It's pretty straightforward and comes with a nice quote, too!


If clean lines and white spaces intimidate you, this spread with many little things going on in it (like weekly goals, daily tasks, and things you're thankful for), but without defeating its purpose, is your best bet.

Neat with just the right amount of pastel are what make these weeklies so nice to look at. The good thing about it is it comes in nine different layouts—that's almost a different layout every month!—and they're all so pretty, we can't choose a favorite. Plus, it comes in six different colors! *winning*

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