6 Must-Have Mobile Apps That Student Commuters Can Download For Free

by Raisa de los Reyes   |  May 5, 2023
Art: Pau Moyano
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Traveling without a personal vehicle can be quite a hassle if you’re on a budget. It’s no surprise that commuting can be intimidating for any first-timer, especially when you are going to a location you are not exactly familiar with. The transportation system in the Philippines can be overwhelmingly confusing, considering that there are so many ways for you to travel like  riding a jeepney or using the Light Railway Train (LRT). If you’re still not used to traveling on your own, this guide will inform you of all the apps that you could download to help you commute with ease.

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Continue reading this article to know which applications you can download for free to help you get over your anxiety of commuting:

  1. Waze

With the heavy flow of traffic and difficult commuting routes, Metro Manila can be a daunting place to get around. That’s why Waze is the perfect app for regular trips and commuters who use private automobiles. It utilizes user data to provide real-time updates on road situations everywhere. This includes possible roadblocks, the location of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), the heaviness of traffic, and so much more. 

  1. Google Maps

Google Maps offers satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, and 360° interactive panoramic views of streets to help you navigate roads. Moreover, the app provides an estimated time of travel via foot, car, bike, air, and public transportation. This is most beneficial if you have yet to know which mode of transportation should be taken. 

  1. Angkas

If you need to hurry and don’t want to pay for an expensive fare, Angkas is your go-to! Commuting can typically last for an hour or more if you’re using a car or the LRT. However, with Angkas, you can get to your designated location in at least 30 minutes. If you’re a first timer, don’t worry about falling off or not having a helmet because all of the drivers will ensure a safe trip. Hilariously enough, even when it’s impossible to hear anything  because of the air rushing past you, the drivers will always make it a point to talk to you and ask how you are. 

  1. JoyRide PH

If all the drivers of Angkas are busy, JoyRide PH is an underrated jewel that you should try. Like Angkas, they provide a quick, safe, and cheap option for people who need to be in places at the speed of light. However, they do provide a more notable kind of service which is referred to as the Taxicle. The app provides tricycle services around the city when needed to give  tricycle drivers more opportunities to earn an income.

  1. Sakay.ph

Pegged as a "commuting lifesaver,” Sakay.ph is an app that promotes the use of mass transit. This app collects commuting data and presents it in various modes that will help you understand and process the information provided. They will alert you of any fare updates, new routes to take, and service failures in any public transportation system. Sakay.ph is the best app for students, especially for those who travel to Manila City.

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  1. IkotMNL

Introduced through a tourism campaign in 2018, ikotMNL was established in collaboration with the Department of Tourism to promote the historical spots and landmarks across Metro Manila. All of these locations are accessible and traveled to by riding the LRT-1, therefore, tourists can be more exposed to places like Binondo, Quiapo, Intramuros, and so much more. Soon, the Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) developed a mobile app and launched it in 2019. Its key features include estimated time of arrival and departure of trains, complete fare information, advisories to be considered by passengers, and other important announcements.

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