Oh No! These 2 Classic Frankie's Buffalo Wings Flavors Won't Be Available For a While

by Leana Vibal for Spot.ph   |  Sep 29, 2022
Image: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Facebook/Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings, Instagram/frankieswings
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There's rarely a reason for chicken wing fans to cause a ruckus, but as much as we hate being the bearer of bad news, it looks like this latest happening could be enough to get a reaction. A few of our favorite flavors from Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings are going to be off the menu for a while. The crowd-fave wing shop posted an apology to its patrons on Wednesday, September 28, stating that their best-selling Classic Buffalo and Salted Egg flavors might be hard to come by in the coming days. Before you go off though, know that the other flavors are still available!

According to the post, key ingredients in making the said flavors have been affected by the global supply shortage. But fret not chicken wing aficionados, the brand did assure patrons that their 12 other flavors are still very much available and are ready to serve customers looking to sate their chicken-wing hankering.


At the very least we can confirm this isn't a shortage of chicken wings 'cause that'll definitely ruffle some feathers. 

So what could be causing the shortage at Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings?

As of writing, Frankie's has not provided information on which specific ingredients are affected by the supply issue. There are also no current reports on supply shortages that may affect the production of salted egg flavorings. However, there were reports last June of a chili pepper shortage that may be affecting the production of hot sauces.

In a report by CNN, they described the shortage of chili peppers affecting the supply of Sriracha, a famous Asian hot sauce, and while we're not sure if Sriracha is a part of the Frankie's Classic Buffalo recipe, we're pretty sure some form of hot sauce is. According to the report, chilis have been in short supply ever since the COVID-19 pandemic but have seen an even more severe shortage due to climate change and extreme weather conditions affecting their growth.

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This is the latest in a slew of shortage reports, both in global and national contexts. The Philippine food industry also felt a shortage of onions and premium refined sugar in August, chicken in June and July, and even potatoes in April.


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