Things You Can Do With Friends If You're Not Having A Debut

by Mylene Mendoza   |  Dec 8, 2019
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Debuts are that one time in your teenhood where everyone gets to celebrate you for a night in the most extravagant way. But if you’re not the traditional kind of debutant, that’s totally acceptable. Follow your own flow and take a different route at celebrating your coming-of-age. It’s your day after all! Below, some 18th birthday ideas to start your brainstorming off:

Out-of-town road trip

Nothing can welcome you to adulthood better than an out-of-town trip without the parents! Grab your closest friends and carpool your way to Tagaytay. If you’re particularly caffeine-driven or an avid foodie, there are a lot of must-visit (not to mention, Insta-friendly for that mandatory birthday post) restaurants and coffee shops in the area so you won’t run out of options. Tagaytay also has parks and museums tucked within its nooks and crannies, like the Museo Orlina and the Puzzle Mansion, for you and your barkada to check out.

Amusement park adventure

If you’re the adventure-loving, thrill-seeking kind, amusement parks are a no-brainer option for a fun time with friends. Spend the whole day on different rides, hold a friendly competition with one another and see who can score a stuffed toy, and go on a mini food trip right after an exhausting but fun occasion. Staying in the city? You can also check out Versus Barcade for the gamer in you.

Movie night

Why not spend your special day doing something you absolutely love, aka staying at home on your couch? Invite your friends over and put on your favorite movies—or TV shows, it’s your day so it’s your call—and call it a party.


Outreach program

Share the gift of giving back with your barkada and invite them for an outreach program. You don’t always have to shell out money if you aren’t able to! You can also ask your closest friends to volunteer with you to help out at a cause that’s close to your heart, because nothing fills the heart better than lending a helping hand.

Kiddie party

Don’t let being a full-fledged adult stop you from realizing your childhood dream of having a kiddie party at McDonald’s. It’s much cheaper than a debut, but a lot more intimate and equally as lit. No shame in strapping on those party hats, playing Bring Me, and patiently lining up for your loot bag!

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