7 Food-Themed Anime Shows That Will Make You Want to Channel Your ~Inner~ Chef

Make sure you have some snacks with you before watching!
by Renee Isabella Aguila   |  Mar 10, 2023
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In anime, you’ll often expect romance, drama, or magical stories in most shows. However, the food genre brings the same level of excitement to anime enthusiasts as well. With unique stories and well-researched food to feature, there are *a lot* of shows that will keep you hungry for more food-centric stories and perhaps inspire you to sharpen your culinary skills. 

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With that, we bring to you seven food anime recos that will inspire you to channel your inner chef and make you crave for some good food: 

1. Food Wars!

In this popular food anime, we follow the story of aspiring chef Souma Yukihira, who aims to surpass his father’s skills in cooking and take over the family’s restaurant. However, Souma’s father suddenly closes the restaurant to take a job in New York while Souma finds himself being enrolled at the prestigious Totsuki Culinary Academy where only 10 percent of its students end up graduating. Initially against going to culinary school, Souma is challenged by his father to survive the next three years at the academy and graduate there, which he agrees to. This starts his exciting culinary journey to become the top chef at the school. 

With the school famous for its shokugeki, which are intense cooking competitions between students, you’ll love the thrill of each match Souma and his classmates experience throughout their stay. The characters of this show are well-developed, have unique personalities, and special culinary expertise. Plus, each meal you see in the show is certainly ~mouthwatering~ that you’ll want to have a taste of too!

2. Dagashi Kashi

Shikada Dagashi is a sweet shop that’s been running in the countryside for nine generations by the Shikada family. Kokonotsu Shikada, an aspiring manga artist, refuses to inherit his family’s business despite his father’s pleas. But things may start to change with the arrival of the ~quirky~ Hotaru Shidare, who has the goal of bringing Kokonotsu’s father back to work for her family’s company, Shidare Corporation, a world-famous sweets manufacturer. As Kokonotsu’s father initially refuses, he states that he will change his mind on the condition that Hotaru can convince his son to take over the family shop, thus beginning Hotaru’s mission to enlighten Kokonotsu on the true joy of traditional Japanese candy.


If you’re interested in Japanese culture and enjoy a light-hearted story, Dagashi Kashi may be for you. You’ll get to learn a lot about Japanese candy while enjoying the humorous interactions between the show’s characters. It’s a great recommendation for those who have a ~*sweet tooth*~!

3. Cinderella Chef

Adapted from a Chinese web novel of the same name, Cinderella Chef introduces viewers to the tale of Ye Jiayao, a young and talented cook who dreams of becoming a renowned chef. After cooking up an unusual meal and tasting it, she’s suddenly transported back in time to Imperial China. Ye Jiayao is then suddenly kidnapped and held for ransom but she manages to use her wits and cooking skills to get out of sticky situations. With no way to return to her own time, Ye Jiayao openly accepts her new life and make the most out of it. 

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Each meal Ye Jiayao cooks reflects Chinese culture and it’s interesting how the food is so well thought of in each episode. She combines ideas of past cultures with her creativity to whip up stunning dishes that you wouldn’t usually hear of. Additionally, you’ll be entertained by the variety of characters Ye Jiayao encounters along her journey. There’s even a hint of romance in the show that will make you feel ~kilig~  all throughout. 

4. Restaurant to Another World

In Restaurant to Another World you’ll be transported to Nekoya, a popular eatery in the Tokyo shopping district. As the restaurant offers both Japanese and Western dishes, it’s become a hit establishment among Tokyo's residents. But this seemingly ordinary restaurant is also popular with another type of clientele, which are otherworldly characters and creatures. Nekoya opens up its doors to another world during Saturdays which allows dragons, elves, fairies, and other fantastical beings to dine in the restaurant, making it a hotspot for its strange characters to mingle with one another and celebrate food. 


With the show’s setting mostly revolving around Nekoya, you’ll think that there isn’t much action and excitement to this show. But Restaurant to Another World’s strengths lie in its attention to detail to its dishes and the background of Nekoya’s visitors. You’ll be amused by how the show’s characters were able to find Nekoya and create a small community there which is really wholesome!

5. Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles

Koizumi will do anything for ramen. She’ll stand waiting in line for hours to travel miles away from home. But Koizumi’s solo ramen adventures are about to become more thrilling when her classmate, Yuu Oosawa develops an infatuation with her. As Yuu becomes shocked by Koizumi’s huge appetite for ramen, she learns more about a variety of ramen. You’ll be able to learn a thing or two about a variety of ramen dishes and ones you may haven’t heard of yet like *blue ramen* in one of the later episodes.   


This fun-filled comedy anime is right up your alley if you enjoy over-the-top humor and a journey of discovery. The show doesn’t lie when it expresses the different flavors of ramen you’ll encounter in the series. You’ll notice the intricate details of each ramen dish animated with great detail such as the texture of the toppings to the shape of the ramen. That says a lot about how much research this show had in bringing such a delicious dish to the animated world. 

6. Campfire Cooking in Another World is My Absurd Skill

Alongside three other heroes, 27-year-old Mukuoda Tsuyoshi is transported into a fantasy world to rescue a kingdom from a serious threat. But Mukuoda doesn’t exactly have any world-saving skills and it soon becomes clear that he has been brought in by accident. With the only skill of obtaining food from Japan via a magical interface, Tsuyoshi starts creating delicious dishes to survive. Unknowingly, Tsuyoshi starts getting traction for his meals, taking up a job as a merchant and adventurer that never ceases to amaze the residents of the fantasy kingdom he has been swept up in. 


Wholesome throughout, this series gets you *giddy and hungry* in every episode. It shows a unique protagonist who has an unusual skill to get by in his newfound life. If you like watching something laid back and ~chill~, then you should give this show a shot. It breaks free from the typical fantasy anime of having to do constant battles and adventuring which is a breath of fresh air for anime enthusiasts. 

7. Koufuku Graffiti

Last on this list is Koufuku Graffiti which is a slice-of-life comedy about Ryou Machiko, a middle-schooler with incomparable cooking skills. While Ryou has had her fair share of successes in her dishes, she’s been dejected lately because her food hasn’t been tasting as great. However, with the arrival of Ryou’s cousin, Kirin Morino, things may change as Ryou gets to share her love for cooking with those closest to her, inspiring her to improve her skills and reignite her passion. 


If you’re a fan of ~*cute*~ characters doing cute things, you’ll love this anime. It’s a great show that highlights friendship and it doesn’t rush its character development over each episode. Besides that, the art in this anime is quite vibrant which makes the food more attractive and *drool-worthy.*

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