Food Foibles: 12 Embarrassing Moments

Mommy used to say, "Don't play with your food." But sometimes, it's the food that plays with us!
  |  Jan 8, 2012
compiled by Amanda Lago and Jenny Jacaria; illustration by Nicole Lim
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Candy Shower
I wanted to buy some sweets. While checking out a candy store, I pressed the button on one of its dispensers. Imagine my surprise when, suddenly, heaps of candy fell all over the floor. Everyone turned to stare, but I couldn’t move because my feet were covered in candy. Waah! —Martina, 18

The Numbers Game
A few weeks ago, we decided to have breakfast in an expensive, all-you-can-eat hotel buffet. My tita and I decided to tell the hostess that my brother was only seven, so that he could get the free buffet for kids. But when we got there, my brother overheard our conversation and suddenly shouted, “Nine na ‘ko! Mag-te-10 na nga ako eh.” It was so embarrassing! —Marie, 18

Mistaken Identity
My friends and I found a hundred-peso bill while having lunch at a restaurant. No one claimed it, so we used it to buy burgers for street beggars. The first person we handed it to was a frail-looking old lady. Instead of taking the burger, she just told us, “Salamat, mga iha, pero hinihintay ko lang ‘yong apo ko.” Turns out she wasn’t a beggar at all but a schoolmate’s lola! —Yanna, 19

Dare Devils
One day, my cousins and I decided to “drive thru” McDonald’s using an invisible car. We walked through the drive-thru lane pretending to ride our car, with my cousin even holding a toy steering wheel. Sadly, the prank backfired. Nobody found it funny. The cars behind us kept honking, and the staff asked us to clear the lane and just order inside! —Chili, 13

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