FN Link Love: JuliElmo Spill On The Possibility Of Falling For Each Other

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  |  Aug 22, 2012
photo courtesy of GMA Films (Just One Summer)
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Femalenetwork.com The basics. Learn how to dress up your five basics: the blazer, the striped tee, black slacks, skirts in A-line and pencil cuts. (via FemaleNetwork.com)
Cosmo.ph Miley's new 'do (or don't?). Do you love Miley Cyrus's new cropped hairstyle or do you wish she kept her long locks? Vote in this poll! (via Cosmo.ph)
Pep.ph JuliElmo spill. Would they fall for each other? They say not now, but the two talk of the possibility. Read Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona's interview on Pep Talk. Have you seen their movie, Just One Summer yet? (via Pep.ph)
spot.ph Tea time. Tired of the run-of-the-mill milk tea you've grown accustomed to? How about visiting this new resto that serves mostly tea-infused dishes on its menu. (via Spot.ph)
Stylebible.ph Trend alert. Can't give up heels but want comfort? Why not give wedge sneakers a try? (via StyleBible.ph)
Yummy.ph Sweet and fruity. Prepare a treat for your family. Try this recipe for Banana Cream Pie. (via Yummy.ph)

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