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"What was the first CD you ever bought?"
  |  Nov 20, 2007
photos by Dakila Angeles (Mia and Roch), Ocs Alvarez (Steph and Angel), and Pat Dy
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The Candy eds let you in on another secret: their first CD buy! What about you? What was the first CD you ever bought?

miac.jpg Poison! It was the album with "Something to Believe In" and "Ride the Wind." Hahahahahaha! I was deep in my metal phase back then. I still like guitar riffs now, but in lots of different forms :) Mia, Editor in Chief
steph.jpg Hanson! :) Hahaha how embarrassing. :) The one with "Mmmbop." :) Hahaha. —Steph, Art Director
mimi.jpg I was a huge cassette tape collector, so when CDs came along, I had a had time letting go of my massive cassette tape collection/mix tapes and switching sides. Our very first CDs were given by Mom because they weren't cheap (my sister and I even had to deliberate over what to get). When it was time for me to buy a CD with my own money, I settled for something I instinctively knew I'd cherish forever. And what would that be? Take That's EP of "Pray" which had about 5 different versions of "Pray" in it! I still get kilig whenever I hear it in my iPod. :) —Mimi, Managing Editor
jennie.jpg Madonna Immaculate Collection. My fave CD to this day. —Jennie, Beauty Editor
angel.jpg I think the first CD I ever bought was a compilation of the Backstreet Boys' greatest hits. I had the tapes of all their albums and I was so happy when a collection of my fave BSB songs (such as "I'll Never Break Your Heart," "Quit Playing Games," "Anywhere for You," and "Get Down") was released. Haha! Angel, Assistant Features Editor
marla.jpg 'N Sync's No Strings Attached! The boyband fangirl in me loved that album. :) Marla, Assistant Lifestyle Editor
macy.jpg I'm not sure, but I think it was Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas album. I loved her Daydream and Music Box albums, but only could afford cassette tapes then. :P I eventually bought her Butterfly, Rainbow, and #1s CDs, too! —Macy, Web and Mobile Producer
roch.jpg I remember buying Jennifer Love Hewitt's first album. I got to memorize all her songs just because I played it all the time. —Roch, Web and Mobile Producer

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