Filipinos Want to Work in These 3 Countries, According to Report

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by   |  Jul 5, 2021
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A great number of overseas Filipino workers were sent home due to the global economic shutdown. Because of this, many workers question their ability to find or rebuild a career in another country.

The good news is that despite the continuous challenges of the pandemic, several countries have opened their doors and created more job opportunities for Filipinos abroad. Apart from that, our local government, employers and employees will benefit long-term with the emergence of a virtual talent pool. Since employees are given the opportunity for remote international work, this can support the Balik Probinsya Program of the government. Employers also help in reducing relocation and payroll costs while developing their workplace diversity.

Here are the top 3 countries where employees prefer to work today, from Part 1 of Decoding Global Talent which you can download for free. 

Top 3 Countries Where Filipino Talent Want To Work:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United States

The report has shown significant changes in the ranking of countries that workers prefer. Canada has taken over the place of the United States in the top spot since it is perceived to be a safer choice. In addition, these top countries are perceived to have created a swift and effective COVID-19 response plan, have better social systems, and best of all, are welcoming to immigrants particularly in Canada. 

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Asian countries like Singapore and Japan have also grown in popularity mainly because of how they were able to manage COVID-19. 

Global vs. Local Percentage willing to work abroad



2014 – 64% 2014 – 86%
2018 – 57% 2018 – 75%
2020 – 50%  2020 – 54%

Only 50 percent of global workers are now willing to work abroad. About 56 percent of these are young workers below 30 years old and 54 percent are highly educated or those who took up their Master’s, PHD or Doctorate. 

A significant downward trend shows that only 54 percent of Filipinos are looking at building a career in another country. This is composed of 57 percent young workers below 30 years old and 61 percent highly educated workers. 

Filipinos who are most willing to work abroad on average are those who are ready to take on skilled job roles.

Top 4 Jobs for those willing to work abroad

Engineering and Technical jobs

Digitalization and Automation


IT & Technology

Many Filipinos are optimistic and are still willing to venture and try their luck abroad. Here are some pros and cons of moving to another country for work, especially amid the post-pandemic world.


Advantages of working abroad

Better career opportunities

Working in another country can bring the promise of higher pay and better work benefits. You can find a company abroad that will give you the support and job security you are looking for especially during these trying times when the future is still unpredictable. With financial stability, it is most likely that you will be able to save up not just for you and your family. 

Personal and professional development

If you have been struggling to advance your career, maybe this is the sign you have been waiting for. Moving to another country teaches you to become more independent- giving you room to learn new skills and build a network which might be hard to start if you stay in your comfort zone. 

Safe work environment

Canada and Australia are perceived to be some of the safest countries in the world. Safety equates to good quality of life which is why employees choose a country where they can work without having to worry about crime rate or corruption.


Disadvantages of working abroad

Rise of nationalistic policies and tighter immigration regulations across key economies

In the UK, job search may be affected due to the impact of Brexit. As the city implements tighter immigration requirements, foreign workers may have a hard time in securing their jobs. 

Restrictions and uncertainty due to COVID-19

More workers are hesitant to leave their homes due to health and safety reasons. Travelling abroad may not be the best option. 

Virtual work becoming the norm

Thanks to technology, employees are able to work remotely and still be offered a favorable pay. 

Emergence of remote working

Both employers and employees discovered that there is no need to move abroad for better work experience. Fifty-seven percent of the global workforce say that they are willing to work remotely for a foreign company while 49 percent of Filipinos prefer a career that lets them work remotely. This is good news for individuals who are looking for a promising job without having to leave their families behind.


To learn more about other countries where employees want to work, download Part 1 of the Decoding Global Talent report

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