Yum, Ferrero Rocher's New Ice Cream Sticks Come in 3 Flavors

Gotta try them all.
by Bea Faicol for Yummy.ph   |  Apr 13, 2021
Image: Ferrero
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Ferrero, the company behind the popular Ferrero Rocher, has announced that it will be releasing its first-ever ice cream stick. It will be available in three different flavors: Ferrero Rocher, Ferrero Rocher Dark, and Rafaello.

Ferrero has turned their chocolate into ice cream by making hazelnut-infused ice cream that's enriched with hazelnut and cocoa swirls, covered in a delicious chocolate shell with roasted hazelnut bits. This is available in milk and dark chocolate.

On the other hand, the Rafaello flavor has coconut flavored ice cream coated in a crunchy white shell sprinkled with coconut shavings and almond pieces.

The Ferrero ice cream sticks are now available in some parts of Europe before they expand it to more places like the United Kingdom. Hopefully, we'll get these ice cream sticks soon in the Philippines!


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