Every Girl Who Loves Sweets Knows These 6 #Feels Too Well

Satisfying your sweet tooth can feel like an emotional roller coaster sometimes.
Every Girl Who Loves Sweets Knows These 6 #Feels Too Well

You really can't remember when your appreciation—okay, love—for sweets started. Maybe it was when your dad first bought you your own medium-sized dessert or when your first boyfriend gave you a huge chocolate bar for your monthsary. It just sort of grew on you as years passed, that's why whenever you try to satisfy your craving now, you always experience these six all-too-real #feels:

1. Excitement

When you were young, there's nothing that could excite you more than being in the toy store with your mom. Now, it's finding yourself face to face with all the sugary treats at your favorite dessert place.

2. Kilig

OMG! After waiting in line for what seemed like an eternity, you finally have your favorite dessert in your hands. You take a few snaps for Instagram and immediately dig in. You don't know why, but those first few bites always leave you brimming with kilig! Yup, definitely worth the P150.

3. Bliss

You couldn't help but smile as you savor its sweet, sweet sugary goodness. You know you deserve it after a long, busy day at school.

4. Confusion

How could you possibly be down to your last two bites when you only started eating a few minutes ago? Did someone steal a spoonful while you were busy posting your snaps online? Or was it you who almost finished the whole thing? Could you even finish it without realizing it?

5. Sadness

Like saying goodbye to a dear friend, you couldn't help but feel sad as you take your final bite. You've waited the whole day for it, after all. You check the snaps you posted and reminisce how kilig you were when you took your first bite.  

6. A mix of longing and anticipation

Though you couldn't help but miss the sugar rush, you also find yourself looking forward to the next time you could order your fave dessert again.  

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