Embarrassing Parental Encounters

Making a good first impression is way harder than it looks.
  |  Mar 28, 2010
compiled by Maia Mallari * illustration by Mikke Gallardo
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Fashion Statement
One time, my friend and I were walking down the school corridor. We saw this woman dressed in a strange costume sitting on a bench. As we walked by, I said, "Pare! That's the tackiest outfit I've ever seen in my life!" After that, I saw my crush walking our way. Then she said, "Hey! Let me introduce you to my mom." When she pointed to the lady sitting on the bench, I wanted to die. The mom just gave me a smirk. —Fred, 19

Too ma-cool-it!
I was at a party of this girl I was courting. We were with all her cousins and siblings. The whole time I was cracking jokes and trying to get everyone to laugh, with the intention of getting their "blessing." Later in the evening, I wanted to show off and look cool, so I asked one of the girls, "Meron pa bang beer?" Little did I know, it was my crush's mom! I thought it was her sister ‘cause she looked so young. —Ralph, 18


Princess Diaries
I was going to my boyfriend's house for dinner, and I didn't know that he changed my name in his cell phone to "Princess." When I arrived outside their house, I called him up. When I entered the house, his whole family was laughing at me. Apparently, when they saw the phone ringing and saw that the call was from "Princess," the dad answered and found out it was me. Eeep! —Riza, 16

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The Kick-Off
We were at my girlfriend's house with her friends. It was getting pretty late and her friends had to leave soon. Feeling at home, I went to the kitchen to get myself a glass of water when, from the corner of my eye, I saw a girl bent down getting something from her bag. I thought it was my girlfriend's best friend, so I playfully kicked her and said, "Don't go home yet! Baduy naman!" When the girl stood up, I saw it was my girlfriend's mom, and she said, "I'm already home." I was speechless. —Ken, 17


Birthday Blunder
I was invited to the birthday of the mom of the girl I had just started dating. I brought a cake in the hopes of getting on her good side. On the day itself, I walked in to greet the mom at the restaurant. I actually had no idea that the woman I greeted happy birthday was my girl's grandmother... and this happened right in front of their whole family!  -Enzo, 16

Drink and Be Merry
My girlfriend and I had been going out for three months when she decided it was finally time for me to meet her parents. She arranged for me to join them at their Sunday lunch. Trying to be thoughtful, I brought a bottle of expensive wine. Little did I know that my girlfriend's dad was actually an ex-alcoholic who had not touched a drink in 11 years. So much for being thoughtful! —John, 17

On the Spot
It was the debut of the girl I was going out with, and it was time for me to give my speech. I was so busy thinking of what to say, and wanted to ask her to officially be mine. Unfortunately, before I had even gotten to the mic, her mom (who looked tipsy) grabbed the mic while I was reaching for it, and said, "Hijo, do you have anything to ask my daughter?" Everything that I had thought up the entire night disappeared! I had nothing witty to say, so I just took the shot. My guy friends couldn't help but laugh at me when I returned to our table. —Bobbie, 19


Backseat Booboo
I was in the car of this girl I liked, and her mom was driving. While we were on the road, she got cut by a swerving car and got a little frustrated. Hoping to calm her down, I said, "Hay, maybe it was a girl who was driving!" And then I smiled to myself, thinking it was funny. My crush nudged me and pointed at the driver's seat... then I realized who I was talking to! I shut up for the rest of the ride. —Joe, 16

Surprise Date
I was so excited to have my first Valentine's Day dinner with a suitor. I was expecting him to ask me to be his girl that night, so I carefully put on makeup and picked the best outfit for that night. When he picked me up, he told me he had a big surprise for me. I almost died of giddiness! When we arrived at the restaurant, he led me to a table filled with people who looked freakishly like him. Then I realized that he had conned me into meeting his family! I was so speechless because I didn't like his surprise. I ended up being in a foul mood for the rest of the night. It's no surprise that his parents didn't give him their approval after meeting the sungit version of me. —Prinsesa, 16


Shorts Story
It was my boyfriend's birthday when he asked me to go to his place for the first time to meet his parents. I was really excited ‘cause I had been nagging him to introduce me to them for some time. I was also very nervous and kept asking him about what to say and wear. He said I looked fine. Later on, when we entered the house, his whole family was dressed formally, ready to go to a fine dining restaurant... and there I was in shorts, a shirt, and flip-flops. —Jen, 15

Happy Birthday Toyo!
It was the birthday of my boyfriend's sister, and it was the very first time I was going to meet his family. We had dinner at this fancy Chinese restaurant. Later on, I excused myself to go to the washroom. His mom followed me and said, "I think you sat on some soy sauce." Luckily, she only thought that, because I actually got my period and stained my outfit. How embarrassing! —Liz, 14

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