Eating Alone Is the New Trend You Should Try in South Korea

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 8, 2017
Image: Korea Tourism Organization via Imagine Your Korea |
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We know that you get those weird looks, too, whenever you decide to eat alone in restos, Candy Girls. However, this new trend in South Korea is encouraging us to actually try dining solo at least once in our lives!

Honbap, a combination of the words "alone" and "meal," encourages South Koreans to eat out—alone. ICYDK, in their country, people see eating alone as odd. Like anywhere in the world, people are often seen eating out with a friend or in a group. (via

But the good news is that Korean restaurants are in for this trend, too, because some of them even build small cubicles for customers...

And also offer solo meal deals and solo meal servings for those who decide to get a meal for one person only.

Lotteria, a famous fast food resto in Korea, has even reduced the number of their tables for group dining and replaced them with a long table with single chairs for those who choose to get a meal on their own.


Although it's still weird for some people, we think, just like Koreans, that honbap is perfect for the fast-paced world we're living in. Most of the time, people who are on the go would just love to grab a quick meal and head home to rest or even finish the things they're supposed to do.

Have you ever dined alone? What do you think of people who go to restaurants by themselves?

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