Degree Programs to Check Out if You’re Looking for an 'Easy' Course

Plus, why they might be "easy" for you.
by Mary Joyce Bernal   |  Oct 7, 2021
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You clicked on this article expecting to find courses that are *easy*. But there’s no such thing as an easy course. Every college course has its students with their fair share of struggles and sleepless nights.

However, you might be looking for an *easy* course to take because you’re still undecided. You might find it hard to choose between math and science, or you want to completely stay away from these two subjects in college. Or you're looking for a degree program that you'll find "easy" because it's already aligned with what you like doing or what you're good at.

You also might be taking into consideration factors like the job market demand, absence of a licensure exam, and broadness of the study areas and career options. Well, you’re in luck! 

We rounded up five courses that might cater to your needs. They might not be *easy*, but you might find yourself feeling at home in any of these courses.


Hotel and Restaurant Management

If you're a people person and service is one thing you want to devote yourself to, you might find Hotel and Restaurant Management an easy course to take!

Hotels and restaurants belong under the hospitality industry. Serving people through the fields of travel, food and beverage, lodging, and recreation might interest you, especially if you are a kinesthetic learner who prefers enhancing your different practical skills.

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The curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management includes subjects in tourism, hospitality, food service operations, events management, and Philippine culture.

Possible career paths for Hotel and Restaurant Management graduates include:

  • Bartender
  • Chef
  • Cruise line staff
  • Front office staff
  • Housekeeping attendant
  • Restaurant manager
  • Travel agent


If you have a knack for storytelling (whether in written or oral form, or even through performing!), Communication might be an easy course for you.

In the areas of humanities, communication is one of the broadest. There are more specific courses like BA Communication Arts, BA Mass Communication, BA in Communication Research, and BS in Development Communication, but communication as a field of study still offers a lot of options for students. It’s also a relatively friendly course for people who want to stay away from too much mathematics and science.


Examples of fields of specialization for communication courses include Broadcasting, Journalism, Speech Communication, Theater Arts, and Writing. The curriculum under the Communication program, depending on the specific course, may cover topics related to any of the aforementioned specializations.

Possible career paths for Communication graduates include:

  • Brand strategist
  • Copywriter
  • Educator
  • Journalist
  • Marketing specialist
  • Producer
  • Social media manager

Health Sciences

If you love caring for people, believe in the importance of accessible healthcare, and science is a subject you want to learn about further, taking up a Health Services course might be easy for you!

This is a multidisciplinary field. If you’re interested in taking up medicine after obtaining your bachelor’s degree, you may find this as a perfect choice if you prefer not to commit to a specific area of specialization just yet. Even if med school isn’t on your career bucket list, the health sciences program is perfect for people who want to study science but are unsure which area/s to focus on. 


The curriculum of the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program does not limit itself to subjects exploring the natural sciences. Students will also get to study other sciences, so expect subjects in behavioral sciences as well.

In the Philippines, only the Ateneo de Manila University offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program for now.

Possible career paths for Health Sciences graduates include:

  • Community development worker
  • Dental hygienist
  • Health educator
  • Health information technician
  • Home health aide
  • Licensed practical nurse
  • Youth worker

Business Management

If you're into organizing and you won't stop until you find solutions to your problems, Business Management might *not* be an intimidating course for you.

Whether it’s global competence you are aiming for or you want to focus on building your own brand, the business industry will help you find your footing. Studying business will also help you nurture your skills in organization, problem solving, and communication. Plus, there are career opportunities for business graduates that have been proven to be in demand since the pandemic started!


The curriculum under the Bachelor of Science in Business Management covers topics in business law, finance, management, marketing, and more.

Possible career paths for Business Management graduates include:

  • Customer service associate
  • Data analyst
  • Event manager
  • Financial advisor
  • Human resources specialist
  • Management analyst
  • Marketing manager


So you can't decide what course to take. Does the idea of studying about factors surrounding your inability to decide just yet seem pleasing to you? If you're a very curious person who loves studying about anything related to the human experience, you might not have much difficulty navigating Psychology as a course.

Among the areas of sciences aligned with the medical field, psychology is one that offers a wide range of career opportunities. A psychology graduate can advance their studies in medicine by going to med school, but even without a medical diploma the career options are still abundant. A BA in Psychology can also be considered a pre-law course if you have plans to pursue the profession.


The curriculum in the psychology program, whether for the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Psychology, covers the different areas of psychology such as developmental psychology, psychology of language, social psychology, environmental psychology, personality psychology, and more.

Possible career paths for Psychology graduates include:

  • Art therapist
  • Editor
  • Customer services agent
  • Market researcher
  • Psychiatrist
  • Social worker
  • Teacher


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