Don't You Wish These Fan Fiction Stories Were Actually Real?

See your favorite characters in crossovers you'll wish happened IRL.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Apr 18, 2015
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 1  Jelsa

Jack Frost and Elsa are so compatible they could be King and Queen of their own icy kingdom. It would if they had a series together to support this fandom.

 2  26 Disney Characters as Hogwarts Students

Before you click the pin, try sorting your fave characters. Can you guess which house Merida or Rapunzel belong to or what sorts of mischief they’d cause? We totally ship wizardry and Disney!

 3  Big Hero 6 & How to Train Your Dragon Mash-Up

Hiro and Hiccup maybe boys on sight but they definitely have a lot of fight in them, plus their lovable companions make saving the day so much better!

 4  Loki x Darcy

We couldn't help but agree with the Internet's matchmaking skills and pair Loki, one of the powerful beings of Asgard with Darcy, a Pol Sci student and close friend of Jane.

 5  Disney Factions

Let your fave Disney characters represent each faction, though not included in the pin, who do you think would make it as Divergent?


 6  12 Gender Bent Characters

Ariel and Beauty & the Beast are just some of the characters that are quite impressive as their opposite genders. Click the pin to see more!

 7  Hunger Games: Districts Mash-up

Imagine Dean, Sam and Cas from Supernatural representing a District or Harry, Ron and Hermione forming another. Though we don’t want our fave characters battling each other, we can’t help but think how interesting this Hunger Games would be.

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 8  Teen Wolf and Pacific Rim Hybrid

If you have watched Teen Wolf and Pacific Rim then you know how high the drift compatibility is with Allison and Scott or Stiles and Lydia, which would make a superb Kaiju battle team.

 9  Captain America and The Winter Soldier-Frozen Crossover

You know the internet is awesome when it does a crossover of Ana playing Captain America and Elsa as the Winter Soldier which makes you wonder at an awesome alternative storyline.


 10  Pokémon: Avengers Edition

What if all movie characters had Pokémon sidekicks to help them on their missions, this pin shows you the Avenger cast with their very own set of Pokémons.

 11  Fandom Boyfriends

Ever wonder which fantastic fictional character you’ll end up with? Learn your fate with your birthday and name; tell us in the comments below who your destined boyfriend will be.

 12  Game of Peanuts

Reimagine the House of Stark, lead by Charlie Brown and his fearsomely adorable wolf Snoopy!

 13  The Big Four

Imagine the biggest summer concert played by these big four, Merida on the drums, Hiccup and Jack on guitars and Rapunzel as the lead singer.

 14  Kim Possible Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

If Coulson is having a hard time finding the right recruit, this ace cheerleader and secret spy, Kim Possible has the credentials to fit right in S.H.I.E.L.D. and sure Ron can come along.


 15  The Peanuts Saga: Howl

We’d love to see this version of Twilight!

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