DIY Hacks to Make Your Study Desk Extra Nice

It might inspire you to spend more time using it instead of just dumping all your school stuff on it.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Jun 5, 2015
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 1  Personalized Corkboard

Turn a plain corkboard into a luxurious or fun memo board by simply pinning printed cloth all around. Go the extra mile and spray paint the frame to the color you like.

 2  Insta Desk

Take your inspiring Instagram photos and tape them on your desk, use a plexi glass topper to keep them all in place.

 3  IG Paper Weights

Or you can paste your Instagram pics on wooden blocks and use them as pretty paperweight!

 4  Gem & Mountain mouse pad

Surf the internet in style with these fun mouse pads in Gemstone and Mountain design.

 5  Tassel Garland

Add fun twist tassel garlands to your monitor or edge of your table with pastel colored Japanese paper or metallic foil.

 6  Desk for Success!

Attract positive vibes through your desk and follow this visual Feng Shui guide on where to arrange your items to attract love, wisdom and creativity.

 7  Ombre Desk Calendar


This pretty calendar adds a chic touch to any desk with its gold and pastel ombre design.  Plus, you can reuse it every year.

 8  Mason Jar: 5 Ways

Store cute pens or makeup brushes in tinted mason jars; try out 5 ways on how to color them from this pin.

 9  Geometric Origami Pen Holder

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If you’re on the thrift side, try your hand at origami and create this cool geometric pencil holder following a downloadable template you can print out.

 10  Acrylic Post-It Stand

Turn an acrylic stand into a nifty sticky note and pen holder by simply turning it on its side. Slide a personalized background inside and attach your post it on top for jotting down quick reminders.

 11  DIY Monogram Gilded Box

Craft letters in supply stores can act as pretty monogram design. Click through the pin to learn how to create a personalized stationery box you can display on your desk.


 12  Hand Stamped Notepad

Spruce up a plain memo block by stamping cute patterns and designs on its side, simply bind the notepad using rubber bands to create a secure surface, and then stamp to your heart’s content.

 13  Gold Desk Dishes

Add a touch of luxe to your desk by spray painting the insides of a clear bowl, gold. Keep electrical tape and aluminum foil handy for this project that’s super easy to do!

 14  Altoid Tin Desk Accessory

Mint tins can be a cute way to store paper clips and staples, this pin shows how you can use cork to hide the tin’s embossed design and stamps to label each one but feel free to use a photo or print your own labels.

 15  Washi Tape Geometric Wall Art

Create a centerpoint design in your room, if your desk is facing a wall; try this geometric heart using a solid colored washi tape.


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