Dino Imperial and Empress Schuck

Dinopress answer Candymag.com's slambook! Check out their answers.
  |  Nov 12, 2008
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Name: Empress Schuck
Nickname: A
February 19, 1993
Hometown: Commonwealth, QC
Sneakers or flip-flops? Havaianas!
Nokia or iPhone: Nokia
Spinning on my iPod: Chris Brown, Ne-yo, Rihanna
My all-time favorite movie: School of Rock
Last thing I Googled: The Dinopress Thread
Style icon: Lindsay Lohan
Game console of choice: PSP
Morning or evening person? Evening person
Favorite meal/snack: McDo large fries, nuggets, and Coke float!
Celeb Crush: John Lloyd Cruz
Last TV show I got hooked on: Your Song
Dream leading man: Aga Muhlach
Moment that I knew "I'm a celebrity!": When I had my first solo mall show/tour. =)

Name: Dino Imperial
Nickname: Dino, Dizzy
Birthday: April 9, 1988
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Sneaker or flip-flops? Converse and Adidas sneakers
Nokia or iPhone:
Spinning on my iPod: Hip-hop, Club music, `90s, R&B
My all-time favorite movie: Iron Man
Last thing I Googled: Me
Style icon: Pharrell Williams
Game console of choice: PSP, Xbox, Playstation, and Wii
Morning or evening person? Evening, kasi mas romantic pag gabi.
Favorite meal/snack: Sushi!
Celeb Crush: Sophia Bush, Amanda Griffin, Anne Curtis, and Angelina Jolie
Last book I read: Marvel's Civil War: Black Panther
Last TV show I got hooked on: Conan O'Brien's The Late Show
Dream leading man: Marilyn Monroe
Moment that I knew "I'm a celebrity!": When I passed by St. Scho and girls were screaming, "Oh my God, it's Dino!"

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