Desk Diaries: Maine Manalansan

This multi-hyphen may procrastinate a lot, but she also gets a ton of work done at her desk. Find out more about it here!
  |  Jan 1, 2015
PHOTOS Maine Manalansan
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What else do you do at your desk aside from studying? Do you have a special corner where you put things that inspire you? We love looking at desks and this time around, we've got Young STAR's Maine Manalansan sharing a bit about hers.

Name: Maine Manalansan

What I do: I'm the editorial assistant for Young STAR on most days but I do graphic design, illustration, and photography on the side.


What I'm reading now: Elements of Style by Strunk and White!

What inspires me: Summer vacations, jazz on a rainy night, afternoon drives, pick-up truck rides, white walls, wooden floors, and industrial light fixtures.

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My favorite part of my desk area: My inspiration board, definitely! The thing about my workspace is it's mobile. I don't have one table where I can work. Sometimes I work at home or at a coffee shop or at a pretty, (rented) apartment just to keep the inspiration going. But the constant element is always my inspiration board. I bring it wherever I go.

What I do at my desk aside from work: Eat and watch movies. Oh, and procrastinate. A lot. Hahaha!

My dream desk: Something with an Eames chair and golden office supplies. Plus a mini bar!


PLUS! 5 apps that Maine thinks you should totally install and use now.

  1. VSCOcam
    It's an essential for editing my photos. I love it because it has loads of filters to choose from and they're not tacky at all.

  2. AirBNB
    I love travelling and pretty spaces so this is definitely one of the apps I often use. Sometimes, I use to de-stress too!

  3. Evernote
    When I write, I often find it hard to transfer my articles from one device to another. But thank technology Gods for Evernote and it's easier than ever.

  4. Mailbox
    One of the things that I enjoy most in life is an empty inbox. Mailbox is the easiest way to manage my email. I suggest you try it too.

  5. 8mm
    Whenever I go on vacations with my family, I shoot and edit videos on my phone just for fun. But 8mm gives it a nostalgic feel that adds to the magic of summer.


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