How Much Will It Cost You to Go to Dentistry School?

Take note, aspiring dentists!
by Chanel Ang   |  Aug 16, 2023
Image: Anna Louise Flores
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The road to becoming a dentist is definitely not easy. Upon committing to this path, you will be required to take six years of schooling. Two of those years are dedicated to pre-dentristry studies ranging from the humanities to social sciences. Only after passing that can you take the dental medicine proper, complete with clinical studies and training. While dentistry is a rewarding profession, committing to it does entail a look at the financial costs.

To help you discern which dental school is best for you, here are the tuition fees of well-known dentistry schools in the Philippines:

  • University of the Philippines Manila (UPM)

If you choose to attend this public university’s dental program, you will get to study the same high-quality pathology and dental infection classes with *free tuition.* That’s right, you will only be paying  less than P1,000 per semester for the college’s miscellaneous fees!

  • Lyceum of the Philippines University - Batangas (LPU)

Batangas locals, you can get your Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM) at LPU! LPU is another one of the most well-known dental schools in the Philippines. Their extensive classes will include cariology, oral pathology, community dentistry, and even research courses! The prestigious school’s tuition fee for dentistry ranges from P80,000 to P120,000 per semester, according to the website.

  • Centro Escolar University (CEU)

If you want to enroll under CEU’s DDM program, this is your sign! You will not miss out on quality dental education with the university’s intensive courses in microbiology, pharmocology, periodontics, and more.According to their website, you will be paying ~P74,000 per semester for Academic Year (A.Y.)  2023-2024. Their curriculum is available here.

  • Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU)

OLFU’s DDM programs is one of the cheaper options without sacrificing quality education! According to their course offerings flyer, your semestral tuition fee will remain below P30,000  for A.Y.  2023-2024. 

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  • Cebu Doctor’s University (CDU)

For our Visayan Candy girls, you also have the option to get your DDM from CDU in Mandaue City! The school is known to produce some of the country’s dental exam topnotchers. Its top-tier facilities justify the tuition fees, which range from P40,000 to P52,000 per semester. 

  • University of the East (UE)

UE’s College of Dentistry is said to be one of the best in the country! Expect the usual classes of dental materials, anesthesiology, and orthodontics taught by great professionals. According to their website, you are expected to pay around P70,000 per semester as a DDM student.

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