Day Trips To Take With Friends If You're Not Allowed To Overnight

Mom and dad will definitely approve of these destinations!
by Katrina Golamco   |  Feb 5, 2020
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Holidays are officially over, but that doesn’t mean the hangouts and trips—both spontaneous and planned—with friends stop. But hold up, you can’t go traveling with your friends because you are always out of budget and your parents don’t like the idea of you sleeping in another place other than your home? Yeah, it’s pretty common for Filipino young adults to still experience the heart-wrenching rejection of parents every time we ask if we could go on our barkada’s trips. But next time, you might want to negotiate these quick trip ideas with your parents because they won’t really require you to stay overnight. Win-win!


When someone says “Tara, hiking,” the first place that comes into mind is Rizal. This province has several mountains that can be hiked by beginners and professionals in a day or two. Reach the top of the summit this 2020 to replenish your mind and soul with nature’s majestic beauty through these mountains.



Tanay, Rizal

After a five-hour hike to the summit, an invigorating view of the Sierra Madre range will gradually welcome you at each step—truly a breath-taking scenery to look at after a tiring ascend. Plus, after an exhilarating hike, you can have a quick refreshing wash at Tinipak River, another serene view to make you motivated to explore each corner of the mountain. A piece of good news for the thrill-seekers, you can also go cliff diving and caving here!

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Estimated expenses: P20 (Registration fee), P500 (Guide fee), P700 - 800 (Estimated budget for day hike)

Binacayan Peak

Rodriguez, Rizal

One of the most famous and frequently hiked mountains in Rizal, Mt. Binacayan won’t disappoint your thirst for adventures. Roughly four hours to summit, you might have to give every strength you have to its steep and rocky trails. But in the midst of difficulty in each step and climb, you will be motivated by the striking beauty of nature, knowing that you will witness a sea of clouds at the top.


Estimated expenses: P30 (Registration fee), P500 - P600 (Guide fee), P700 - P1,000 (Estimated budget for day hike)


Talim island, Rizal

This mountain is just a chill two-hour traverse to its summit, less intense compared to the aforementioned mountains. Its open landscape will make you want to stop in the middle and just feel and appreciate everything encompassing this mountain. A peaceful view of Laguna Bay will surely wrap up your relaxing summer adventure through Mt. Tagapo.

Estimated expenses: P20 (Registration fee), P100 (Guide fee), P500 - P700 (Estimated budget for day hike)


Tired of visiting Nuvali and hungry for new sights in Laguna? Look at these rainforests and waterfalls that you can visit for a majestic experience that you can do in a day.

Seven Lakes of San Pablo City

Composed of Sampaloc, Bunot, Mohicap, Palakpakin, Calibato, Pandin, and Yambo Lake, the seven lakes introduce a place of solace. Here you can swim, cycle, raft, and trek all in one day! If you also want to go sightseeing while doing your morning cardio, you can jog around the vicinity, too. And after, you can grab a good taste of lomi. It’s like painting the perfect trip, but this time, it’s real and actually feasible for students.


Estimated expenses: P700 - P800

Pagsanjan Falls

Perfect for adventure junkies out there because of its various activities offered on this tour. You may have a hard time trekking and reaching the falls at the start but it’s all worth it because you will witness the jaw-dropping beauty of Pagsanjan Falls. After reaching the falls, you can have a bamboo raft ride along the stream, and into the famous “devil’s cave” or you can also swim through the stream if you prefer the cold water brush through your whole body and into your soul.

Estimated expenses: P2,000

Hulugan Falls in Luisiana

One stream, three falls, they said. Imagine seeing three of nature’s grandest works in a day? It’s like finding a lost treasure. The three falls are recognized as Talay falls, Revealing Hidden Falls, and lastly, the Hulugan fallsthe highest amongst the three. You may want to pack your bags now if I tell you that the entrance fee is only P15! (excluding the tour guide’s fee). I’m definitely adding this to my bucket list now!


Estimated expenses: P600 - P700


Cavite is quite underrated when it comes to summer spots in the metro, but if you just look further, you can find several beach resorts that can give you a quick tan and a sniff of the ocean breeze. Here are some places you can visit for that much-needed summer outing.

Ternate Beach Resort

Barangay Bucana, Ternate, Cavite



Who knew that in just an hour or two, you can already have a relaxing beach trip? Come and visit this beach if you want to just give in for a second to its peaceful ambiance, a break from duties and deadlines. Activities like building bonfire, banana boat, kayaking, and island hopping are available here. You also have many options for your accommodations, from pavillions to tents, they have it! You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Rates: P100 (Entrance Fee), P300 - P6,000 (Accomodations)

Torres Farm and Resort

Barangay Sabang, Naic, Cavite

This sundry vacation spot might have everything you have been looking for this summer. If you get tired of swimming, you can utilize their other amenities such as the farm, unbelievable replicas of the world’s most famous attractions (e.g., Pyramid of Giza, Statue of Liberty, and the Eiffel Tower), and devour delicious treats at their garden cafe at the end of the day tour. This is certainly a unique destination to visit this summer vacay!


Rates: P200 (Entrance fee for swimming and picture taking), P180 (Entrance fee for picture taking only), P300 - P9,000 (Accommodations)

Villa Colmenar Natural Spring Resort

Tambo Kulit, Indang, Cavite, Purok 4 Alfonso - Indang Road, Indang, 4122 Cavite


Declared as Cavite’s own Santorini, this resort will provide you the ultimate Greek vibes at affordable rates. Not only do they have five pools inside, but they also have Zumba classes, a basketball court, and an oval for your morning jog. It’s like living for a day in Greece.


Rates: P140 (Entrance fee), P300 - P5,000 (Accommodations)


Takas kids know that Tagaytay is the most accessible place if you are in dire need of a quick getaway. The next time you and your squad are in town, you might want to check out these places first before going to Papa Doms for drinks. ;)

Museo Orlina

Hollywood Subdivision Road Brgy. Tolentino East, Tagaytay, Luzon 4120, Philippines



Encompassed by the beautiful and majestic works of the prominent, versatile, practitioner of glass sculpture in the Philippines, Ramon Orlina, Museo Orlina is definitely worth your trip. The museum is composed of four levels of exhibits and at the very top, is a roof deck where you can clearly see the majestic view of Taal Lake. That’s not only the good part, it only costs P100certainly a student-friendly rate. The whole museum itself is definitely a crystal clear work of art.

Rate: P100

Qiwellness Living

Aguinaldo Highway, Brgy. Maharlika East, Tagaytay City



Escape—it's the only word that defines their service. Qiwellness Living is a diverse sanctuary for people who want to take a break from the Manila frenzy. They have the Teahouse where you can meditate freely and get sucked into the tranquil feeling that embraces your soul since you are surrounded by trees, mountains, and lakesthe perfect scenery for relaxation. They also serve a multi-course menu inspired by the “traditional Chinese medicine’s principle of yin and yang.” The second part is called The Bathhouse where you can avail of spa and massage packages that are aligned to the Chinese culture. You can also experience their yin-yang pool that offers the benefit of giving you a sense of your well-being.

Rate: P1,080 - P2,180 (Depending on what type of spa package)

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