Date Dos and Don'ts Part 2

The Ultimate Prom Primer on date dos and don'ts.
by Chinggay Labrador   |  Feb 14, 2008
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Flower Power
Boutonniéres and corsages are part and parcel of the prom tradition. Typically, these flowers match what you're going to wear, and are either pinned to your dress (near the shoulder) or worn with a garter or ribbon around your right wrist. Some guys are experienced enough in the prom department to ask their dates about corsages. Some guys aren't as sharp and need some help. Don't worry about bringing up your corsage with him. Let your date know which kind of corsage you'd like to wear, and make sure you have the details down pat, in case he's absolutely clueless. Girls deal much better with fussy details, so if you can help your date out, that would be great.

Boutonniéres are flowers worn in a buttonhole or pinned to the lapel of your date's coat. You can buy them at flower shops. If you and your girl friend have the time, it would be nice to do a trip to the flower shop a week or two before the big day just to check out the different styles and prices. You should buy your date's boutonniére during the day of the prom (probably in the morning, before having your hair and makeup done), and store it in the fridge till it's time to pin it on.

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It's easy to get nervous during those awkward first minutes when your date arrives, and you pin on his boutonniére and he pins or slips on your corsage. With your parents watching, it can be an even bigger spectacle! So, practice, practice, practice! Shake those nerves off and flower power will be easy as pie.

Random Acts of Kindness
Though not obligatory, it would be a nice gesture to give your date a little thank-you note or gift at the end of the evening. You can give him a small card just to say you enjoyed his company, or burn him a CD with a compilation of prom hits. Whatever you end up giving, this will assure your date that the prom was a memorable experience, and you'd like to thank him for playing a part in it.

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January-Febraury 2004 Issue

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This was taken from the Prom Special of January-February 2004's issue.

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