7 Cute and Fun Co-Op Games to Play With Your Jowa

Save these for your next date night.
by Leika Golez   |  Mar 16, 2022
Image: Twitter/ConcernedApe, Unravel Two
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If you’re looking for new ways to bond with your other half, gaming together is your next must-try activity. We know it may seem counterintuitive at first (remember when Tekken brawls with your siblings turned into real-life fights?), but virtual worlds are better explored in the company of your special someone. And no, we’re not talking about highly competitive gameplay that ends up in squabbles, but rather the laid-back, cooperative games that slowly ease you into working together. These games call for the essence of a healthy relationship: Proper communication, mutual understanding, and just a smidge of unpredictability to keep things exciting. 

Below, we’ve rounded up seven fun co-op games to try with your jowa on your next date: 

Stardew Valley 

Of course, we can’t talk about collaborative games without mentioning Stardew Valley. The 8-bit farming simulator was already a hit during its first release in 2016, but the multiplayer update elevated the game to cult-fave status for many long-time fans. Now, you can fulfill your *cottagecore* dreams with your partner and even get married to each other in-game! 


AVAILABLE ON: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, PlayStation 4, XBox One, Android, iOS

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime 

Although Love in a Dangerous Spacetime is technically a shooter game, its adorable graphics and charming plot make it a popular choice among couples. Basically, you and your significant other have to man a space battleship together in order to rescue space bunnies and fight against the evils of Anti-Love. Super cute!

AVAILABLE ON: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Linux, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite

It Takes Two

In this award-winning game, the two main characters are transformed into dolls as they go through a divorce. To regain the estranged couple’s bodies, players must explore the fantastical world together and uncover the heartwarming narrative the game's challenges bring. 

AVAILABLE ON: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Microsoft Windows

Overcooked 2

If you and your partner are on the competitive side, Overcooked 2 will be your new favorite hobby. This high-pressure game is a kitchen simulator that whisks you away to all kinds of chaotic situations, from cooking on alien planets to handling irate customers. Much like a relationship, it takes a lot of patience, communication, and strategic planning to progress through the advanced stages. 

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AVAILABLE ON: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Microsoft Windows, Linux 

Unravel Two 

Unravel Two is made for sleepy, cozy date nights and couples R&R. This slow-paced adventure game lets you unwind as a pair of Yarnys, charming yarn creatures connected by a single thread. As you befriend fellow Yarnys and solve platforming puzzles, you’ll breathe new life into a dark world—and your real-life relationship. 

AVAILABLE ON: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows


Love dogs? Play as an adorable two-headed dog in PHOGS! and adventure through bright and fantastical puzzles. This family-friendly game introduces you and your significant other to three worlds: Food World for treats, Sleep World for warmth, and Play World for entertainment. 

AVAILABLE ON: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Google Stadia

With You 

Specifically created for romantic couples, With You is an indie game that provides an intimate and pressure-free space for you and your partner to connect. It’s a two-player puzzle-playground brimming with playful challenges and hand-drawn graphics—a perfect choice for casual gamers who are looking to pick up and play.


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