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by Macy Alcaraz   |  Jul 10, 2016
Image: Clare Magno
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We caught up with frequent Summit Books and Candy collaborator to talk about the work that she does, where she finds inspiration, the best tools for styling, and more. Read on to get to know what it's like in her creative space.

Introductions first. My name is Martina Bautista, I'm 24 years old (25 in a week!), and I'm a Freelance Interior Designer, Stylist, and self-proclaimed Craft Machine, currently signed with Substance PH. 

My favorite work so far. I'm always working on at LEAST 10 different projects at the same time, so it's tricky to pick favorites. I absolutely love all the styling work I do for Spectrum Fair Manila, and I have a soft spot for all my shoot styling work. For interiors, I'm probably most proud of my work for Roomful of Learners, which is a children's enrichment and intervention center. 


My best brainstorming time. I'm the type of person that starts her day at 6 am, and is practically useless past 9 pm. I'm most productive and creative in the mornings. 

Inspired living. Cliche as it sounds, I get inspiration from everywhere! I feel like I get my most out of the box ideas when I'm traveling, but on a normal day, window shopping—okay, maybe some real shopping, too—helps me get those creative juices flowing. I find that inspiration finds me when I'm not looking for it, so something distracting like shopping or going to the gym really helps me. 

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My go-to haunts. Currently I can't get enough of F1rst by Ito Kish and Philux. I love the new direction they're heading in, while still keeping their quality on point. For events, my go-to places are Divi, Dapitan or Market Market. 

My dream collaboration. I think everything produced/styled by David Stark is exceptional so to collaborate on an event with him would be amazing. If you had asked me this a month ago, I'd say &ahalf would be another one of my dream collaborations, but I just finished a project with them and I cannot tell you how happy I am with the turnout. For Interior Design, I would kill for the chance to collaborate with Takenouchi Webb or Design Anthology.  


Insta-inspo. I love @smackbangdesigns, @insideoutmag, @Clarenicolson, @beyondthevines and @hamadahideaki. If you look at them all together, that's like my mental mood board for almost everything!

Whose creative space are you curious to find out more about? Leave us a note below and we'll hunt them down!

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