Creative Space: Gaby Gloria

by Macy Alcaraz   |  Jul 3, 2016
Image: Clare Magno
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If you're a ROOKIE regular, her name might sound familiar to you. She's the one behind the features on Candy faves Abbey Sy, BP Valenzuela, and Reese Lansangan among others. This week, we're showing you what her creative space looks like and what inspires her to write.

Get to know her. "My name is Gaby Gloria, and I'm a 20-year-old writer/shrink film connoisseur who lives on sour gummy worms."

She's busy with a lot of things. "I'm still primarily a student, but I'm also the editor in chief of The Thing, which is an online mag for young Filipinas that explores and embrace all interests. I'm also a columnist for The Philippine Star's Young STAR section, and a contributor for Rookie and CNN Philippines Life."


Her Rookie and Young STAR beginnings. "Most of it involved taking a chance. Young STAR held an open call last February 2015, so I applied and eventually got in as an intern. I had an awesome time, so I couldn't believe it when the editors asked me to be a columnist in August after my internship ended.

"I've been an avid Rookie reader ever since Tavi Gevinson started it in 2011. Though I'd always dreamed of contributing, I never got around to sending anything because I thought my writing wasn't good enough. A late night spent procrastinating last year led me to Rookie's alert box for the theme 'multiplicity,' and I immediately started drafting an email with a few essay pitches. After a short period of thinking whether I should or shouldn't do it, I filled out the subject line (with emojis for flair), pressed the send button, and went to sleep. After two months of obsessively checking my email, Amy Rose replied to me to say that they wanted me to move forward with one of my pitches."

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On her best writing time. "For essays and such, I usually get the ideas flowing late at night. Knowing that the rest of the world is winding down makes me more confident, somehow. Maybe it's because I feel like no one is awake to judge what I'm writing."

Her go-to when it comes to writing. "When I started writing for publications, a lot of the first drafts of my articles would be written in my journal. Now, I use Microsoft OneNote for drafts since the program organizes everything neatly in virtual notebooks that have different sections and pages. But basically, all I need is a notebook, pen, and my laptop."


Dream interviewees. "Internationally, it's Tavi Gevinson for sure. She's my ultimate life peg—I admire her writing style and how she has so many influences. She started Rookie at such a young age, too. Matthew Gray Gubler is a close second just because he's so strange and his interviews are always so interesting. Locally, I'd freak out if I got the chance to interview James Reid and Nadine Lustre (not kidding)." 

For your inspiration. "Sometimes I spend way more time scrolling through Instagram than I think I'm supposed to. Sometimes, I need to take a break from writing, so scrolling through the app is like therapy of sorts. I follow a lot of art accounts because I love looking at colorful,pretty things and seeing the process that goes into making them. There are so many, but here are a few: @keeshuu, @hulyen, @rossduu, @millimetrs, @themichlife, @theskinnyartist and @beapolicarpio."

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