Creative Space: Cynthia Bauzon-Arre

by Macy Alcaraz   |  Aug 14, 2016
Image: Cynthia Bauzon-Arre | ART Clare Magno
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You've probably seen Cynthia Bauzon-Arre's whimiscal art almost begging you take them home with you from art fairs and shops like Common Room and Hey Kessy. We talk with the talented illustrator and get to know what it's like in her creative space. Read on to find out more.

  1. Introductions first. "I'm Cynthia Bauzon-Arre, former art director/graphic designer now trying to find a foothold in the illustration world."

  1. A brief history of my art. "I've been interested in drawing since I was in grade school and luckily my parents were very encouraging. Back then my dad was a professor in Japan and he'd bring home Cray-Pas (oil pastels) and watercolor sets so I learned to make drawings with them at a young age. In my second year of high school, I attended artist Fernando Sena's Summer Art Workshop (I think he still holds these) where I l received basic but proper training in drawing and oil painting. After that summer, I got obsessed with art so I also took a Painting elective in my school (UPIS). In that class we had to make several paintings each week, which greatly helped hone my skills. By graduation, I was fortunate to have been awarded the Jose T. Joya Medal which, at the time, was given to students that excelled in the arts.

    "However, I pusued a job in advertising which didn't really use my drawing skills so sadly it deteriorated over time. It was only last year when I started drawing and painting again—with watercolors this time. Thanks to the guidance, encouragement and influence of my artist husband, Arnold."


  1. My works in progress. "I've been working on some series of themed artworks which I sell as postcards at bazaars and in craft shops like Hey Kessy and Common Room. Currently, I'm working on illustrations inspired by coming-of-age movies and TV series. I'm enjoying this a lot because I get to relive favorite scenes and practive figure drawing and even lettering at the same time. I also have an ongoing collaboration with The Diff—I have some designs for their artist collection—and another brand which I can't disclose for now.

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  1. Memorable projects to date. "Since painting again last year, one of my favorite projects is the series I made inspired by Eraserheads music and local indie films Ang Nawawala and Rakenrol. I put my heart into those drawings because my career in the '90s was defined by my work for the Eraserheads albums, and the filmmakers behind the movies I mentioned, Marie Jamora and Quark Henares, are very dear friends to me. These illustrations are all available as postcards in the shops I mentioned.


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  1. My most creative time. "At night, after dinner all the way through midnight. For some reason that's when ideas for illustrations start to come. It's also the only time whern I can work without disruption.

    "I'm motivated to keep learning when I see that my skills are improving. I don't want to remain stagnant so I try to experiment with other mediums and challenge myself to explore other themes and subject matter.

    "There's also a drive in me to stay relevant in this fast-evolving landscape. I especially love it when people tell me that my drawings speak to them. Kind messages and comments plus validation through actual sales also keep me moving forward and wanting to learn more and create more."


  1. Collaborative effort. "I already collaborated with several musicians during my graphic design years but Im still open to working with the young bands out there. I would also like to collaborate with lifestyle brands who might want my illustrations on their products or even interiors."

  1. Art supply shopping. " has been my go-to for watercolors, acrylic, brushes, and paper ever since they opened last year. Deovir, NBS, and Daiso at the malls are also convenient for basic supplies like pencils, erasers, and sketchbooks."

  1. Insta-inspo. So many! I adore the work of @puuung1 and @aikofukawa. For portrait drawing, there's @elfandiary and @kuvshinov_ilya. I've also been trying to learn how to paint landscapes and I really admire the work of @brenda_swenson. 


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