Courtside Embarrassing Moments

  |  Jun 14, 2010
compiled by Zee Castro, Lora Gahol, and Richelle Vibal * illustrations by Mikke Gallardo
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Offensive Foul
During a game, a player from the opposing team stumbled in front of me. He attempted to regain his balance by grabbing on to me for support. Thing is, he grabbed my shorts instead and accidentally pulled it down for the world to see! —Magnum Membrere, Ateneo Blue Eagles
Teysi For You
When we appeared in her show last year, Tessie Tomas interviewed us about the UAAP season. She asked me, “Sa tingin mo, may laban ba ang UP this year?” I answered with much conviction, “Sa July 12 po!” Everyone—including Tessie—burst out laughing! It was such a huge goof-up! I thought she asked me when our next match was. Yikes! —Jacob Manlapaz, UP Fighting Maroons
That Socks!
Running late for a match, I hurriedly packed my gym bag and rushed to the game’s venue. When I reached the locker room, I opened my bag and realized I left my socks at home! I didn’t have a choice but to play without socks on. It was a good thing I still played a great game despite the very jologs porma! —Paul Chua, De La Salle Green Archers
Wipe Out
While in Boracay, we saw a group of local kids playing with a skim surfboard. They looked like they were having a fun and easy time with the skimboard so I decided to join in. I borrowed the board from them, and tried my luck at skimboarding. A few nanoseconds after standing on the board, I immediately fell hard on my butt! Warning: skimboarding is not as easy as it looks! What made my two-seconds of fame even worse was that the beach was packed during “The Fall of Paolo.” —Paolo Bugia, Ateneo Blue Eagles
Train Wreck
Our barkada took the MRT home once. As usual, it was jam-packed. While on the MRT, we noticed how people would make a mad dash for the exit once the train came to their stop. It was a funny sight! When it was our turn to get off, we decided to do the same thing. While excitedly running out of the MRT, I suddenly slipped and fell face first on the floor. The commotion at the station suddenly stopped... and everyone stared at me and laughed at how silly I looked. —Gio Tingson, Ateneo Blue Eaglets
Grad Trip
Graduation rites are always memorable. Mine was too, but in a different way! During our grade school graduation, I proudly went up on stage to accept my diploma. As I was about to descend the stairs, I tripped and fell in front of a huge crowd. I didn’t want anyone to know I was so embarrassed, so I got up and acted like nothing happened. —Mark Intal, Ateneo Blue Eaglets


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