5 of the Best Courses to Take at Arellano University

by Nicole Lindsay Ramos   |  Sep 30, 2022
Image: Pexels, Arellano University Art: Ines Munoz
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If you wander the short street of Legarda in Manila, you might come across Arellano University (AU). Originally starting as law school in 1938, this university was a legacy of the late Florentino Cayco, Sr., the first Filipino Undersecretary of Public Instruction. Initially known as Arellano Law College, it was named after Cayetano Arellano, the first Filipino Chief Justice. Although the university closed its doors during World War II, it bounced back and offered more courses in education, commerce, foreign service, and arts and sciences in 1945. Today, it is regarded as one of the top universities in Metro Manila.

You can also tell that AU achieved their objective of assisting the youth to become productive, progressive, and actively involved citizens by producing notable alumni such as Kevin Santos and Alvin Teng. Furthermore, as part of its continuous effort to realize their vision and mission, AU was able to conceive six more campuses in various parts of the region namely: Jose Abad Santos Campus (AU Pasay), Arellano School of Law, Andres Bonifacio Campus (AU Pasig), Plaridel Campus (AU Mandaluyong), Apolinario Mabini Campus (AU Pasay), and Elisa Esguerra Campus (AU Malabon).


If you're an aspiring Arellianite, ahead are five of the best courses you can opt for at AU:

1. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

If you seek to understand how the choices of people in power affect the nation, why not consider AU's Bachelor of Arts in Political Science program? Like most of AU's Colleges, the College of Arts and Sciences that houses this program is PACUCOA level III accredited. The college also enables its students to contribute to our country's economic development as well as its transformation into a more humane society. By learning political theories, systems, and behavior, you will not only have a chance to pursue law, but also land jobs in various fields including academia.

2. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

If you're still undecided on which career to pursue, you might want to play safe by having a business-related degree. Considering that most careers have a business component, taking up a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program can be an advantage. At AU, you can major in Marketing Management, Financial Management, Operation Management or Human Resource Development Management. AU's School of Business Administration also ensures that their students are prepared for professional management and staff support positions in financial services, consumer marketing, and paralegal services among others.

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3. Bachelor of Elementary Education

Want to equip children with foundational knowledge and skills? AU's Bachelor of Elementary Education program will definitely provide you with relevant trainings to be an effective educator. If you are to take this program, you may opt to specialize in general education, pre-school education, or special education. AU also has elementary schools in Legarda and Pasig that serve as their laboratory schools where pre-service teachers take their field study. The school of education that houses this program also partnered with Hailida International Kindergarten School in Zhenzhen, China to expose its students to International education.

4. Bachelor of Science in Nursing

If you're an aspiring health care professional then you might be considering taking up a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Aside from its regular nursing program, AU's School of Nursing is known for its International Nursing Program. Through this program, students complete their studies at either Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia or Alderson-Broaddus College in Philippi, West Virginia, USA. Regardless of whether you opt for the international program or not, the school will definitely develop you to be globally competitive. By having a nursing degree, you can also pursue further studies in graduate school of nursing or go to medical school.


5. Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

If you feel like you belong in the hospitality industry, AU's School of Hospitality and Tourism Management offers a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management program. If you are to take this program, you can opt for either Cruise Line and Hotel Management or Quick Service Restaurant Management. The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management also offers complete and updated facilities such as kitchen laboratories, mini hotel, function room and bar facilities, and mock travel agency, among others. Through practical learning experiences, you will definitely meet the demands of the industry both here and abroad.

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