How COVID-19 Can Spread From Person To Person, According To Experts

Read how this virus spreads to minimize everyone's risk of infection,

It is hard to believe that only two months had passed when we first heard about the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 that has the world on edge. While the government implements the 30-day Metro Manila community quarantine, it's also our duty to protect ourselves at home and our daily interactions, Prevention is key.

Here's how to know fact from misconception:

5 ways COVID-19 can spread

While there are many things we still do not know at this point, we know that COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. But health experts have been piecing together the various ways that coronavirus transmission takes place. Make no mistake — this novel coronavirus is contagious. So knowing how it is transmitted can help us protect ourselves and our families better.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), coronavirus transmission is thought to take place primarily through person-to-person contact. It is why patients (and those exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19) need to be isolated either in the hospital or at home — depending on how ill he or she is — until he or she no longer poses a risk of infecting others.


COVID-19 can be spread through the droplets of an infected individual’s cough or sneeze. The New York Times says viruses are transmitted through viral droplets or droplets that contain viral particles.

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Kin-on Kwok, a professor of virology at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, tells the newspaper that a virus cannot go anywhere without being attached to droplets of mucus or saliva, which can be ejected from the nose and mouth when you cough, sneeze, laugh, sing, breathe, and talk. Experts believe coughing and sneezing are the likeliest methods of coronavirus transmission.

Viral droplets need to enter through the eyes, nose, or mouth to gain access to a person’s cells. So, one way of getting infected is by being too close to a sick person (surgical masks are ideal for those who are sick.) The CDC says standing within six feet of an infected individual can increase the risk of infection.


Meanwhile, Christian Lindmeier, a spokesperson for the World Health Organization, tells The New York Times that it’s best to stay at least three feet away from someone who’s sick.

Through feces

Live Science notes that another method of coronavirus transmission could be through feces, though the evidence to prove this is still limited. A small study that looked at the stool samples of individuals with COVID-19 discovered viral particles in those stools appeared viable when observed under a microscope. “This means that stool samples may contaminate hands, food, water, etc.,” reads the researchers’ report.

As a previous article notes, the spread of a disease through the fecal-oral route occurs when an infected individual forgets to wash his or her hands properly after using the toilet. Everything he or she touches becomes contaminated with the virus.

Contact with infected surfaces

According to one study, The New York Times writes, coronaviruses can remain on metal, glass, and plastic for a period ranging from two hours to nine days, that. It doesn’t matter whether the surface looks dirty or clean. As long as you touch a surface infected by individual sick of coronavirus, there is a possibility of transmission.


The good news is coronaviruses are relatively easy to destroy, as Gary Whittaker, a professor of virology at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, tells The New York Times. He says using a disinfectant on an infected surface is “nearly guaranteed” to destroy the envelope surrounding a microbe, rendering it harmless.

Another critical thing to do is to wash your hands with soap and water before touching your face. The New York Times says doing so can reduce your risk of infection since viral droplets do not pass through the skin.

On the plane

If you are planning on traveling amid the COVID-19 outbreak, you might be concerned about the possibility of coronavirus transmission inside an aircarft. National Geographic writes that factors like the location of your seat could have an impact on your risk of getting infected.

In 2018, a group called the “FlyHealthy Research Team” observed the behaviors of passengers and crew aboard 10 transcontinental flights in the U.S., which lasted three to five-and-a-half hours. One of their findings is choosing a window seat and staying there throughout the flight can lower your likelihood of having contact with someone who might be infected, National Geographic reports.


However, Howard Weiss, a professor of biology and mathematics at Pennsylvania State University and one of the leaders of the study, says that even passengers in middle and aisle seats have a “fairly low probability” of infection because most of the contact between airplane passengers is quite short.

“If you’re seated in an aisle seat, certainly there will be quite a few people moving past you, but they’ll be moving quickly,” Weiss explains to National Geographic. “In aggregate, what we show is there’s quite a low probability of transmission to any particular passenger.”

This could all change, though, if the infected individual is an airplane crew member. The study says a sick crew member has a probability of infecting 4.6 passengers since they spend much more time walking down the aisles and interacting with passengers, which means they are more likely to have additional and longer close encounters with them.


Emily Landon, medical director of antimicrobial stewardship and infection control at the University of Chicago Medicine, tells National Geographic that the best way to minimize the likelihood of coronavirus transmission on a plane is to follow the CDC’s guidance for infectious diseases. These tips include washing your hands with soap and water, using an alcohol-based sanitizer after touching any surface, not touching your face, and avoiding contact with coughing passengers.

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I always caught feelings for someone, and hoped so much that one day there could a thing between the two of us. I'm usually the one that makes the effort to buy and/or make cute gifts, chats them every other day, and stays up all night with him.

When I was 16, my childhood crush suddenly came back into my life. We'd constantly send updates to each other, recommend favorite songs and talk even the most random things. He'd even text me as early as 6 to just greet me good morning almost everyday. I hoped so much that when I confessed, he suddenly stopped talking to me.

For short, he ghosted me. Those 6 months I spent talking to him, allotting my time for him, and staying up until 3 am for him - all gone in a simple confession. Although I had a few crushes before him, he's the only one that got me in real pain. It was the kind of pain that I never thought I'd experience. It was the kind of pain that I couldn't believe.


After 7 years (it happened back in 2017), I thought he came back into my life to stay, but I guess he's just one of the guys who distanced. I felt a complete loser that time. But during this quarantine, everything was different. I caught feelings for someone else, but he treated me with the best kindness yet.

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It happened at 2 am, May 30, 2020, when I impulsively confessed my feelings through messaging him. After saying my feelings, he responded with genuine and kind words. We both even complimented each other. Although the feelings didn't reciprocate, I still found a connection that can't be replaced with any guy.

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Remembering our high school years entails quite a lot reminiscing of the things we all been through when we were younger. You’ve experience a lot of new things during those 4 wonderful years and did most of them with the few people you consider your barkada. And through a series of all the lunch breaks you had together, the walks you took on the way home, and taking the same classes, you never thought you’d survive, you have made your life’s greatest friends.

Here are some of the reasons why your high school barkada is the best:

1. You figured out early teenage life together. The transition one have undergone from being a kid to a teenager wasn’t easy. For a moment you are not sure whether you should have played with your friends during recess or you should have just sat down and ate your food because you were too old for games. But whatever it is you chose to do, having friends who were as clueless as you make everything feel easier because you know, deep down, you’d figure things out eventually. You just need good company.

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2. They were with you during your “jeje“ days. I bet you have pictures taken with Camera360 and Retrica. You also have pictures edited using Pizap with embarrassing captions and you somehow kept some of them so you could have something to post online during their birthdays.

3. They know all your exes. They will never EVER forget the name of an ex-boyfriend, an ex-fling, an ex-crush, and an almost you had. They will remind you of your every questionable love decision but you’ll just laugh anyway while saying “Past is past”.

4. They never judge you. They have welcomed you to their lives when you thought jelly shoes and checkered polos were the bomb! They were quick to have told your teachers that you were not feeling well so you could go home when you really just needed to poop. You tell them every embarrassing story you have and were fine with it.


5. You can always count on them. From the moment you first fell in love and the moment you first had your heart broken, they were with you. They were with you the moment you lost a parent and at moments when you thought you had nothing. Through every break-up and breakthrough, they were there to be your support system.

6. They are your family. Your high school friend’s family is your own family’s extension. Their parents are like your own. Don’t you feel a little kilig whenever your friend’s parents call you “anak”? And then eventually calling them mama and papa became so natural? I felt that, all the time.

7. They will always be your home. They are your place of refuge and security, the place who offers you their hands when you feel lost and the place you run to when you need saving. No matter how much time and distance separate you, they will be the one’s that you always long for and they are the one’s that you will always return to.


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