Cool New Gadgets For Every Techie Candy Girl

There's a lot to look forward to this 2015, including some of the latest in technology!
by Ces Tan   |  Jan 27, 2015
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For all those girls who are into the next best thing (especially when it comes to all things in the world of technology), there are new inventions that you should try to get to know! Although you can't really buy all of these these just yet, you'll definitely find these unbelievable gadgets interesting and exciting. Just imagine we're a few steps closer to that cool sci-fi universe you’ve been dreaming of since you fell in love with Jarvis in Iron Man 1!

Cool releases from 2014: Not a lot of us realize it, but 2014 was a great year for inventions! Here are some gadgets you may or may not have overlooked from last year.

  1. The Apple watch
    Now this watch does more than just tell the time. Of course, Apple did it again (not just with iPhone 6 and 6 plus and the latest iPad Air), they came out with a whole new gadget (same touchscreen capabilities) which can do things your phone or computer can do except it’s even tinier and more convenient, plus it's super wearable!
     apple watch

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  2. 3D Printer
    There is actually such a thing, and you'll be surprised that there are actually numerous companies that came out with this in 2014. Instead of just printing on pieces of paper, this type of printer is able to create actual objects!  Your projects in school will be an absolute breeze if you owned one of these!

    3d printer

  3. GoPro HERO4
    Just like the GoPro Hero 3+ but even better! If you haven't heard of it, this gadget is great for people who love photography, taking videos, as well as action and sports. This is because the size is compacy, it's waterproof, and easily connects wirelessly to your phone! This latest version of GoPro takes higher quality footage and improved sound.

  4. The Tile
    Ever wanted to make something "ring" like when you're missing your phone and can't find it? Well, this little gadget kind of works the same way. You sync it to your phone through an app and you attach it to your stuff—your bag, your keys, your wallet. When any of the stuff you attached the Tile to goes missing, you use the app to track the Bluetooth signal of the Tile. It plays a tune when you've located your missing item. Pretty cool, right? (via @TilePH)
     the tile


What to watch for in 2015: Just this January, the international Consumer Electronics Show (CES)—the largest convention of inventions and innovations in electronics and technology—was held in Las Vegas. Let some of the cool creations launched at the convention excite you!

  1. SleepPhones Bluetooth Speaker Headphones
    When you want to listen to music in bed but can't use your noisy speakers or your uncomfortable earphones, this is the gadget for you. It's a cozy headband that can play your music while you comfortably rest on your bed so you can still have Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran play with ease, straight to your ears!

  2. Oculus Rift
    If you've ever dreamed of virtual reality, we're really almost there! This motion controller almost literally takes you to another universe as you wear the device on your head because you can see and feel like you're actually in the game you're playing!

    oculus rift

  3. LG G Flex 2
    Smartphone innovations are popping up left and right nowadays, making it more difficult to find the one you want. LG brings something new and interesting with the LG G Flex 2–more than just its curved shape (for easier use of its 6 inch screen), this phone boasts of a self-healing back—meaning when it gets scratched, it goes back to normal in just a few minutes! How cool is that?

    lg g flex 2

  4. SmartMat
    For the techie who also loves to keep in shape, this yoga mat is definitely for you! This mat is built with sensors that detect your position that tells you what you should do to fix your posture and pose. This mat can also be connected to your phone or tab to take note of your yoga progress! Definitely a must for every yogi.

  5. Polaroid Socialmatic Camera
    Although it was technically introduced last year, Polaroid still released their new device at the convention. It's almost like a regular Polaroid, but it has an added LED screen and touchscreen capabilities to add to your photo-taking fun! The camera takes digital photos, allows you to upload it online, and can still print you a copy instantly! We totes want one.
     polaroid camera


Which gadgets do you want to get your hands on? Just tweet us @candymagdotcom or leave a comment below. 

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